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Beautiful sights
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Too rich for my blood!

The leak is just behind this side window!

I have a leaky roof, and the fellows at the repair shop found the source, and told me that it was going to cost close to $10000 dollars to fix!  OH no!  I went into shock and could not stand it!  I had to think it over for a few days, and finally decided that I HAD to get it fixed!  So they have me scheduled for next Monday and I will have to tough it out, with price and 4-5 days sitting in the waiting room! They have nice waiting rooms, but no recliners, and I almost HAVE to keep my legs elevated to relieve the pain in my back!  I dread it!

THEN, they called me to say that I could not stay in the RV for the time that they are working on it!  I can't stand the thought of the trouble of moving my cat and her litter box, my dogs and their food, toys, etc and the extra cost!

A day or so later, a fellow in the waiting room strongly suggested that I contact a certain repair shop for a second opinion, so I drove my motorhome over there and her gave me an entirely different story about the needed repairs.  He said that it would cost about $700 and that the roof was in really good condition and didn't need to be replaced, just repaired with a couple patches.  Great news!

So, I called the first repair shop and cancelled the roof repairs, and made an appointment at the new repair shop and in a couple of days I will be on the road again.

At the present time, I am parked at an indian casino and saving RV park costs.  One of my RVing friends has parked here also, and I am enjoying their company.

I've met several nice folks while walking the dogs, and one was an Italian Greyhound!  Such a nice dog!


  1. What a relief that must have been for you. It just shows that it pays to shop around. Also you don't have to stay in a hotel and have the company of your friend, excellent news :)
    Lynne x

  2. So glad you got to hear about the other repair people. Glad you have company at the casino car park.

    You take care. Sue & Polly

  3. That got my blood pressure up - until I read the second opinion. I wish you would post the name/address of the first repair shop - was it Camping World? I'm SOOOOO glad you got a second opinion - I'd NEVER pay that much - that's just plain robbery. I wonder how many other people they've done that to. In addition to the $10,000, you'd have motel bills, if you cold even find one that would take a cat and two large dogs, plus all meals out. That would have cost you a fortune and been a real pain in the neck. Geez, PLEASE post the name of the first shop - I NEVER want to end up there.

    I'm glad it ended up better - $700 will be hard to part with, but a WHOLE LOT BETTER than it could have been. :)

  4. Whew! That must be a huge relief!

    You asked about the Honky Pigs. We have several local Wal-Marts and I know I've seen them in the dog toy section. I'd say check a different Wal-Mart and see if you have better luck!

  5. I'm glad you were able to find a better solution. I hope it all goes well. :-)

  6. That is quite a difference. Yikes. Good thing the guy in the waiting room gave you the tip.

  7. Goodness! That first quote was more like replacing the roof of an entire house! I hope all goes well--glad you got the second opinion. That surely says a lot about the range of bids. P.S. I'll post photos of my brown/tan RV soon.

  8. That fellow in the waiting room has some good karma coming his way.


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