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Beautiful sights
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Friday, December 5, 2014

The roof damage!

My roof mechanic took photos of the rip in the roof and the silicone repairs.  I got a printout of the rip and the other silicone repairs, so am going to take a photo of these printouts and share with everyone. Perhaps it will turn out to be educational to some and interesting to some.!

In the above photo, look just to the left of the bracket and you will see a slightly curved line.  The curved line is the rip in the roof!  It had been "sealed" with silicone, which didn't work.

In this above photo, there is a tool lifting the edge of the tear.  It's no wonder that there was a leak!

 So, of course I am grateful that the repairs are accomplished and that the roof is no longer leaking.


  1. Do you know how you got the tear in the roof? Is it something new, or was it an old tear that had ben repaired, and then the silicone failed? I remember Andy Baird telling me not to use Silicone to make repairs on the outside of my motor home. That would have been my first choice, but now I have tubes of other things in the tool box. So glad you caught it before it caused more damage.

    1. The tear occurred during a windstorm after I left Hot Springs LTVA last Apr. I had it "repaired" as soon as I got back to Quartzsite!

  2. Glad the repair is complete and no leaks!!!

  3. Wow, that really was a lot of damage. Bet you are happy it is all weathertight now.
    Lynne x


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