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Beautiful sights
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Last evening I went to Tom's RV service in Albuqurque, NM.  This is the business that I got my second opinion from about my roof.  If you remembered I got an estimate of $700 from Tom.

Last night I parked in the fenced yard of the business, with electricity, and relaxed with my TV and a book.  I tried to leave a post on my blog, but the internet was so slow as to be nonexistent!  I thought I would try again this morning but it was still unusable.  After two more tries, I gave up till now, and it seems to be working now.  Yippee!

At 8 AM I got a knock on my door, and Tom and Mike started on my motorhome.  They examined every inch of the roof, and tested the areas for water leakage, and took off one of my solar panels and lifters.  There they found that there was a cut on the roof about two inches long that had been "repaired with silicone" and it had pulled loose completely!  No wonder it had leaked!  They also found a bunch of other small spots that had been repaired with silicone and that would leak very easily.

Mike spent the day testing, scraping, cleaning, resealing, taping, and retesting all the roof!

After he was nearly done, he had fixed many places on my roof!

Then Mike went into my kitchen and started taping off the kitchen equipment, so that he could then remove the water stains from my ceiling!

After he sprayed the water stains with a 50% bleach mixed with 50% water, he then waited 20 minutes and sprayed again and we waited an hour.  I went into the waiting room with the dogs and put the cat into the bedroom during this time.  After the hour was up, he put on my fantastic fan to pull out the bleach fumes and turned the motorhome over to me again.  Bt this time it was 4:30 pm, the business was closing, so I paid my bill, and decided to spend the night again.  I plan to pull out in the morning!

And guess what?  Tonight it's RAINING!  And my roof is fixed!


  1. Wow, all those little patches! I bet you are glad you got it all done for the coming Winter months especially with the rain. Sounds like the boys did a very thorough job and you have peace of mind for years to come.
    Lynne x

  2. You found a good bloke in Mike. Do you think the chaps who put the solar panels on did the damage? maybe you should sue them.

    Glad you are now waterproof.

    Hope you have a good day. Sue & Polly

  3. So glad you found honest folks to do the job! Enjoy


  4. I'm with Sue - I wonder if the solar panel people caused all that damage. Or possibly fixed some little tears caused by the driving mishap after you had the new solar system installed. If there was a tear and some little holes, they may have sealed them with the wrong material?

    I'm glad to have Mike's informaiton to put in my "good repair guys" file. Thanks for that. :)


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