Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Monday, May 20, 2013

Evening Exercise

Daily exercise is an essential part of our daily routine.  My hounds know my body language, and they can tell the difference between me getting up for a bathroom break or getting up to take them for exercise.

They jump up from their beds, and leap up and down with joy! I find their enthusiasm so inspiring.  It gives me a jolt of energy.  Trying to hook their leashes to their collars is an exercise in itself.  My 10 year old female, Fleur, knows to sit so I can hook up her leash.  She is trying to teach the boy, Power.  Power however is only interested in go-Go-GO!  He hasn't been willing to put his brain to work on sitting for a leash hookup.  However, I've got him trained to stand still in the doorway to get his leash hooked to his collar.

When we reach the car, I roll down the driver's window, and hold both dog's leashes in my left hand.  Then I begin driving slowly and the dogs trot alongside the car for a while.  We also go for walks and bike runs, but they want more speed than I can give them.  They really love the exercise and are smiling the whole time.


  1. Power will learn - before you know it, he will be sitting still like Fleur.

    I've started hooking Katie's leash to her collar instead of the extra loop thing I was using before. At first Katie wouldn't sit still for it, but now I say "click" and she will hold still until I get it attached. She has learned a new word and it makes it easier for me.

    I love it when you post photos of the "kids."

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Never give up is my motto.

  2. One more try...the form keeps disappearing on me. My dogs wouldn't like that way of exercising. LOL Joey sounds like Power. Joey is improving and once he gets his harness on, he is calm. Scout has always been very calm. Maybe boys are just "wild". LOL


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