Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

new followers and doggy recovery room

Welcome to Beverly, whose name I saw on the list of followers.  I hope the blog will be enjoyable to you.

I wanted to mention in passing that the page views number is over 17000!  I am amazed and thankful.

While Fleur was at the vet, Power was up to mischief!

Power took advantage of the neighbor's good will, and promptly drank their hot tea!

I thought I'd let everyone know that Fleur is healing  and has started feeling better.  During the night last night she begged me to sleep in the same room with her, and then later she ate a bit of dog food that Power had left for a midnight snack. I tried really hard to get a good clear photo of her scarfing down the peanut butter with her pills, but I found that it was impossible for me to hold the pills and peanut butter, hold the camera, and not move the camera!  So the peanut butter pictures are blurry.

The above picture is the same one I showed yesterday, but it's the better of all the peanut butter pictures.

IDEE's dad came by this morning and dropped off some vet wrap and gauze to use when I change her bandages.  He's a prince.  Thanks, Tom!

My next objective in Fleur's care is to get the dried blood out of the fur in her neck area.  The vet said that they tried to get it out but that Fleur was too nervous to let them mess with it.  So I am going to use peroxide and gradually try to get it cleaned up.  After all, diamonds and pearls on her tiara will be dulled by the dark red and black of the blood, and every princess wants to look her best when leaving the palace!

Note:  I had little success with the peroxide, so quit and rebandaged the area, so that she would not be able to get the stitches out when using her real toenails to scratch the neck area.  I've had several episodes in which wounds were stitched, then stitches being pulled out by the greyhound, the skin reopening, and then having to start all over getting the stitches sewn, etc.  I'm not wanting that again because of the pain and suffering for my wallet, and for Fleur's comfort!

I'm grateful that she is feeling so much better, and can go for walks again, and eats without much difficulty.  She is really nervous about having anything near her head and neck right now, so I'm having to remember to rub on her to the rear of the neck region, or risk my fingers disappearing.  She's a bit leery of other dogs as well.

The little chinstrap that holds her tiara in place is too uncomfortable just now, so she shows her more commoner appearances!

Fleur riding in her coach

While riding in her coach, she had to squint her eyes because of the helicopter tail from Power.  Normally she would send him packing, but she's not at full strength right now!


  1. Fleur, I am very relieved to see you on the mend. Try to be a good patient so you can recover quickly. Do you have a little bell to ring so that your human can run to your beck and call? A princess needs these things!


  2. Fleur...keep getting better, pretty princess. Sending hugs your way.

  3. Glad she is feeling better!

  4. So glad Fleur is getting better. Sure in time she will have forgotten about the whole incident. Polly and I are sending her hugs (((Fleur))) and (((Power))) as we don't want him to miss out.

  5. I just read your post about the incident between Fleur and INDEE. That's a bit scary!! Glad Fleur is on the mend. I hope the girls have settled their differences and are friends again!


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