Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Monday, June 30, 2014

They're back!

After about 10 days without any horses, tonight they are back!

Can you see the babies?

This fellow wanted a bath!

Mamas kept their babies next to them all the time!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

"THE" gull

Most evenings I drive through the park to check if all is peaceful, and sometimes see some interesting wildlife.

This gull was seen yesterday and today just walking on the beach at Bluewater Lake State Park, New Mexico.  I did my best to determine his/her species, but would like help from you.

So, please jump in and help me identify this unusual (to me) gull!

UPDATEI went back the next two days and got more pictures, which I am including here, to show the colors with the sun behind my back instead of the opposite!

The below photo, I found on the internet, in a collection of photos of the California gulls.  I think this may be my gull!

California Gull, first summer

Thursday, June 26, 2014

ETSY for scraps!

For my quilting project, I wanted fabric which was compatable with the antique quilt I am restoring.

One or two of you might remember that I have been working on restoring an old family quilt.As you can see from the photo below, the fabrics are very old time prints and solids.
I could not really find fabric that was right for the project.  I got a few pieces from thrift shops as a gift from camping friends.

Eventually I began going to quilt shops and still had difficulty finding all I needed.
One day I was on my computer and decided to check out ETSY for old style fabrics.

I found a dealer who sold scraps from her own quiltmaking, and these were all the old style.  

Do you notice the orange and beige plaid?  This is a rectangle about 2in by 4 in. and it is one of the larger pieces.  Isn't the pattern on the fabric very old style?

I needed several days to sort the scraps, and then to file them in the small plastic drawer in a tiny folder for each pattern.

On the plastic drawer top, you can see the small blue check, and it is only one of the 45 different patterns I received.  These pieces were mostly small triangles, small squares, and a few ( very few)rectangles.

So, I am slowly making progress in repairing this very old quilt, mostly using these fabrics for the very tiny squares and triangles, and then using the shirt from "Sister Susan" and "Sister Sandy", and my "Uncle ED" who was married to my Aunt Anita.

The blue, yellow and red striped fabric is from Sister Susan

The pink and black fabric is from Sister Sandy

Monday, June 23, 2014

More new ID tags

After getting the ID tags from the greyhound  rescue, I next ordered ID tags with my name and phone number, and this week they arrived, and I wanted to share with you how nice they look.  They have "diamonds" all around the edge and stainless steel in the center. 

I think they look very pretty and not too terribly feminine for Mr. Power to wear! Don't all gentlemen in tuxedos have a bit of bling in the cuff links and pinkie ring, etc?  Sort of like James Bond, 007. So I think my James Power Bond looks good in his tuxedo and bling, though it's not cuff links and pinkie ring.

All Power needs is a gun around his waist or under his armpit!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

What the cat drug in

While checking out the park the other evening, my eyes about bugged out when I saw this brown pelican!

Brown pelicans are mostly coastal  

I wonder if he got blown in on the last windstorm.

I really love their majestic beauty!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Once upon a time, and long long ago, there lived an opportunist

We had a terrible wind storm the other day, and I didn't realize that part of my dog fence go blown over!

Can you see that the fence is lying down?

You can bet that Fleur found out, though.  She checks the entire perimeter each time she goes outside.  After a reasonable time I checked to see if she was ready to reenter her throne room, but she was not answering the royal trumpet's herald(me, calling)!  Eventually, Her Highness's royal footman(me) had to brave the elements to check the entire kingdom, but no sighting was reported.
The breach in the wall was found, and was sealed by the royal construction crew(me).  After that, the only task was to send out the royal regimennts(me) to search for the missing monarch.

Searching was done by royal coach (my car), and sure enough, the Queen was located and returned to the throne room.

The main relief in all of this fairy "tail" is that Power did not also leave the palace grounds, but this is only because he was sound asleep on his throne and could not be bothered with mischief!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The horse whisperer

These horses are free ranging throughout the area, and one of our volunteers got one to eat from her hand!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

De Feet

I am wondering if any of you dog people have a solution to dry and cracked pads on our beloved dogs!  Fleur is the dog with the feet with this condition.

What is a great method of app;ication when the dog (Fleur) doesn't like what I'm doing?

I wonder if they are a bit sore, because I get growls when I try to put salve on them. I've been using vitamin E ointment, and a fellow camper suggested neosporin, so I wonder if any of you are knowledgeable about what is the safe product to use, since she will lick the feet. I think Fleur is just touchy about her feet, but I'm not sure.

She walks with no limps or other evidence of pain.

Can you see how dry and cracked her pads are around the edges?


This lovely sight met us yesterday, and I find it so refreshing and energising to think about it's rich color among the thorns, and the rocks and dirt of the hillside.

I tried all the different effects that Picasa allows, but kept coming back to the choices that nature made.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Good camping weather, bad fire weather

Weather for camping has been great and it really shows each weekend and sometimes all week long.  Sometimes we have all the campsites filled and the beach area over filled. 

Beach area with normal amount of campers
We are under strict fire rules (NO fires) but the campers sometimes try to get away with it when they think no one is looking.  Our Park Ranger is very sharp and keeps an eagle eye on all the happenings. Both he and the local fire chief have been carefully monitoring the fire situation
Signs placed throughout the park

The local experts are not afraid of the weather, however, like this Great Blue Heron, who is looking for supper.

We have a small herd of cattle which is free ranging, and they are very easy going and fun to watch.

And of course, my favorite is the horses and their babies!  Notice there are two babies in this photo!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The POWER ful mind

Power however, knows that he is the KING of the world.  After all he is the only male in a household of females! And as KING, the women of the household are expected to clear the way before him and make sure that the whole world is aware of his arrival.

He waits for his minions to clear the way before he enters a room, or goes through a door.  He stands very patiently until Fleur jumps into the motorhome, goes to the water bowl to drink her fill.  After Fleur drinks, she moves back to the doorway to encourage Power to "hurry".  Of course Power is not going to jump into the motorhome until Fleur is out of his way, so he continues to wait patiently.  
Is the way clear?

About the time that the doorway had been clear for a few seconds, it is suddenly occupied by Chica, Power's paramour!  Chica has come to the door to check on her boyfriend!  Chica and Power gaze lovingly at each other for a few more seconds, and finally she walks away from the doorway.  Power has to implement the next part of his royal protocol, and that entails checking to see if his royal footman(me) is holding the door in an extremely secure manner. He remembers very well the incident in which the wind blew the door and cut his hip open, requiring two surgeries!  He has not entered a doorway since then without ascertaining his safety.

I acted brave, but I was really feeling bad!

Since then, Power has used his senses to stay safe!  He is extremely careful about the motorhome door, so listens for any squeak from the hinges.  If it is squeaking, he won't move, no matter what.
I'm listening for trouble!

He noses into situations, sniffing and exploring to check for interesting tidbits to eat, or any rabbits  to chase!
My nose  
My orders are very clear, get all troublemakers out of the way!

And Last, I believe that his highness has been reading some of the other dog blogs, because he wants to lie on his throne until late morning (Bunny, you have set this example).  He seems to have no need to pee or poo!  Unbelievable!

Monday, June 9, 2014

The mind of the BOSS

Chica is a female cat who knows very well that she is in charge, but bosses the entire household with the most gentle voice and manner.
Chica, checking to make sure her orders are being followed
She is very aware of the way to get the whole household running her way. She often sits in the hallway, watching and plotting the next moves.  She knows exactly where she wants each member of the family.
I may look asleep, but I'm plotting

Her ideas are the sort that would cause her Mom to get up and walk towards the kitchen, thus seeing Chica waiting, whereupon Chica turns and quickly trots toward her food bowl, knowing that the flirtatious tail flip and trot gets her way.  

After Chica supervises the scooping of the cat food, and gets it poured into her food bowl, she doesn't want to eat it at that moment.  Her master plan has many parts, her food bowl being but the first.

The second is usually involving Fleur.  Chica sits in the Kitchen floor and stares at Fleur, which will wake Fleur from a deep sleep.  For a while Fleur will pretend that she does not notice Chica's stare. 
I don't feel it

However, after a few minutes the stare can no longer be avoided.  Her head comes up, her eyes get wide, and she homes in on Chica's eyes.  Chica will continue to stare until she gets a reaction from Fleur.  When Fleur succumbs to the pressure of the stare, she will WOOF which then earns her a "s-s-s-h" from me. 
She made me do it, Mom

Fleur then looks sorry and chastised, which is what Chica wants ( she is laughing her head off)!

Regarding her grand plan for Power, it is totally different than her plan for Fleur.  Chica wants Power for loving.  She wants a sweet and loving relationship with Power, and she enables this reaction by weaving herself among the long skinny legs and tail of Power.  Power has learned to welcome this and when he enters the motorhome, he stands still in the entryway and waits for Chica to do her weaving magic. 
Rub right there, Chica!

When it is time to move the motorhome down the road, Power gets on the sofa, Chica jumps up next to his head and reassures him that he will be okay, even though the "house" is moving.  It's a thing of beauty!  Next, Fleur gets on the sofa with them but on the other end.
All three are on the sofa!

After everyone is in their places, Chica then gets on Mom's lap and settles into her sphinx pose where she the exudes her power and tells everyone that all is well! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Mind of the Queen

As the years have gone by I have noticed something very special in each of my hounds.  The mind.  The minds of these wonderful and regal, and graceful, and loving beings are even more special than their other traits.  At least that is the way I see it.  What I see is an ingenious way of making life harmonious. (in their eyes)
I am in charge here!

For example, Fleur is a female who thinks that the world revolves around her. She will bark, growl, or even just push her way through a situation because this trait of hers lets her do this.  If a door is open, she assumes that she is supposed to be first of the hounds to go through the door!
Look, Val, that big bone is MINE.  You are not allowed to even LOOK AT IT!  Phoenix, you better not look either!
An example if this whole theory is that of our arrival back at the motorhome. I stop the car and gather up my purse and keys.  After getting out of the car, I must then open the rear door to get the dogs out.  As soon as I approach the back door, I can hear the commotion of Fleur insisting on getting Power out of her way and getting to the door first.  My way of dealing with these eager beavers, is to open the door and block the exit with my body until they (and I mean Fleur) cease being hyper.  Once they are calm, I grab their leashes and allow them to exit the car, one dog at a time.  Fleur gets out first.  I tried to make them take turns a while back but it was disastrous, since Fleur  flew over Power's body, and over my body and injured herself in her efforts to prove that she was the alpha.  Fairness means nothing to her!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

ID tags both lost and new

Several weeks ago, I blogged about a loss of id tags from both my greyhounds' collars.
These are the faulty tag holders which caused this situation.
 In the post I noted that I had asked the greyhound agencies for new tags for each of my hounds.  I did this by email, and never heard back from them.

Two weeks ago I got up my nerve and telephoned the adoption group that Power came from. The group is the Greyhounds of Verde Valley in Cottonwood, AZ I spoke to the nice lady I had dealt with when I adopted Power.  She was so very pleasant and also offered to send a tag for each of my hounds, and she put them in the mail that very day!

Tags don't have enough bling on them to show off my beauty!

So, now my hounds have correct tags, and one of them is not having to wear the tag from Chica the cat!

Oh, Mom, you know I don't mind wearing my girlfriend's tags!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stripes from Susan

When I asked my "sister" Susan to contribute an old shirt for the quilt, I had no idea what she would send.
When I got her shirt, I remember thinking that I had not expected her to send a striped seersucker.
I also had not realized ahead of time how very valuable those "Susan stripes" would be.

Above the navy blue is a black with tiny circles

If you look closely you can see that the black is disintegrating from age.

Looking above the navy, you see a section of "Susan stripes"

I had struggled to find the "right" fabric to replace the black, thinking I would need black again. But I realized that the "Susan stripes" is the perfect fabric for this and so you can see that it reflects the other wonderful colors.

New striped fabric going around this corner
One section of black fabric is yet to be replaced, the other sides are completed in the "Susan stripes"
The very best plans and expectations are sometimes surpassed by the gifts of the unexpected. 

 Thanks, Susan!