Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fur craziness

Who can imagine that a greyhound would not be perfect.  After all, they have lovely body shapes, lovely brown eyes, velvet ears, those coveted long faces, skinny tails, and speed, speed, speed.  So after itemizing all this perfection, why am I labeling this blog post as "fur craziness"?

I am not complaining about all these things that make them so lovely, and regal, and fun, and loving.

These characteristics are what we love to rave about.

Beautiful Fleur...What's not to love about this face?

So what am I raving about?

It's not ME who was was Fleur mostly.

Me?  Why are you accusing me of raving?
The accusation is like this:    animals brings on a shed of the fur.

This is normal, and expected, so WHAT is the problem?

The main problem is that Fleur didn't like a hair brush.  No brush, no type, no brand, no way!
When the brush came out, she went the other way, and when she was on the other end of a leash, she stayed as far away as the leash allows. When the brush went through her fur, she began to shake, and shiver, and skip about, and finally she snapped!

Fleur never bit me or anyone else, but she would snap to relieve her feelings!

Power likes being brushed, and will lean into the brush, and practically purr!

Chica is sitting on Power's leash while he is getting brushed!

Chica is very loving of being brushed and asks for it each evening!
Nothing keeps the fur from finding each and every crevice!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tail "whapping"

 We are still coping with Fleur's death...I read Houndstooth's blog about the pet cemetery, and was so touched by all she said.  I have never lived where a pet cemetery existed, and probably would not want to bury a pet in one due to my upbringing.  However, I would respect and appreciate the people who did bury their pets in one.

Hera is providing a distraction for me while getting over Fleur's death.  Also, Power's wonderful happy go lucky nature has come back and he is so entertaining, to say the least.  He is what I call a "big time tail wagger" and he wags his tail so widely and so energetically, that it hits one side of the motorhome and then the other side!  Whap-whap-whap!  When Fleur was still alive, she would often stand and squint while Power's tail brushed across her face!
Fleur denied squinting!

I sit up high when Power is whapping his tail!

Why not whap my tail?  I'm a happy guy!

I am again wanting to thank everyone who wrote comments to me about Fleur's passing.  It was such an encouragement to me and helped me get through those dark days!  Some folks told me that I should not get another greyhound due to my bad back, but I felt that I would survive better with the distraction, and someone to love.  So, thanks to all my friends!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thrift shop again

Today I went to the Navajo Mission thrift shop again.  I found only a few men's plaid shirts, so I decided to look at the women's sections, and I found a few others, that were different colors than were common in the men's section.  There's not as much fabric in these women's  shirts, so I may have to  be very strategic as I utilize these shirts.

I really like this coral color!

This shirt is a shade of blue, but it is pale.

This green yellow and gray is pretty

Dark pink, pale pink and white.

Most of the men's shirts are different by far, and are blues, browns, and greys.

Cutting them up is going to be a process.

Monday, October 20, 2014

What title?

Her royal nervousness, Hera, needs throne carriers, sort of like the Kings and Queens of the Indian  type nations.

Pope Pius XII, in the papal mantumand wearing the 1877 Papal Tiara, is carried through St. Peter's Basilica on asedia gestatoria.

The sedia gestatoria of Pope Pius VII, shown in an exhibition at the Palace of Versailles
The gestatorial chair (sedia gestatoria in Italian, lit. "chair for carrying" ) was a ceremonial throne on which Popes were carried on shoulders until 1978. It consists of a richly adorned, 

What I am referring to is the fact that she is very afraid of walking on linoleum type floors where I work.  She freezes up and holds her feet very balled up and starts to slide terribly.  She gets so terrified that she will pant and shake for 15 or more minutes!or more minutes or more.

Maybe we could put two long poles under the swimming pool and she could be carried in a greyhound throne!

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Learning is all about the new greyhound...

                                              When I spoke to the adoption folks, they said "don't worry, Power will show her!"  So I have been inventive and patient, but winter is coming on quickly, and having to leave the door on for half an hour to get Hera out the door of the motorhome is shivery!  Then to get her back in, the door has to be held open so the wind won't  grab the door and cause it to hit her.  But I also have to be inside the motorhome to be able to hold a treat to attempt her inside.  My "third" hand has to hold Power back so he doesn't steal the treat meant for Hera.  This takes as long as one half hour, so I'm freezing again!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I went to Walmart the other day, and the first thing I saw getting out of my car was this bird!
At first I thought it might be a sora in migration, so I tried to get a photo.

As I chased it around the cars, I was able to notice that it was hanging out with the grackles in the same area, and finally got it photoed and analyzed, and realized that it was no Sora!

It was a happy excitement, though!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Is this the new Groucho?

Today Hera has chewed on her first rawhide since I adopted her, and she has worked on it a lot throughout the day  It looks like she's holding a cigar!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

To pee or not...

Power is very special...he can let loose with his urine and empty his bladder quite quickly, or he can open the spigot to just a drizzle, and take a l-o-o-o-ng time to relieve himself!

Another funny character trait that I've noticed that the tail acts like a beacon of his intentions... when he is ready to pee, his tail pops into an upward position and stays there until he is finished and then drops into a normal position.

Power pees with all four legs on the ground

I thought that he was going to poo on Hera!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thrift Shop Quilting

For several weeks I've been collecting plaid shirts for a new quit, called Dad's Plaids.  I got the idea from Paulette who has a blog called "The way I sew it".  I liked the idea due to the low prices on fabric.

After getting the shirts, I have to cut the sleeves off, and the collar and the button placket.  The sleeves go into a special pile to use on my antique quilt, and the collar and button plackets are tossed in to the trash.  The rest goes into the "Dad's Plaids " fabric stash.  Actually the collars go around the dog's necks!

My pile of plaid shirts after cutting them up

"I don't want to be a model"

Hera is wearing the yellow and white collar(shirt)

Is there any food there?

I see the food now!
Chica is really fond of the scrap pile
Watching Mom cut up plaid shirts is very tiring!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Visitor center fun!

Today, I heard voices at the door of the visitor center, and the man's voice said" I've got to see if the greyhound lady is still here"!  Then they entered with a chow and a golden retriever!  All four dogs were looking over the counter to see each other!  They were standing on their hind legs! I was so excited to greet them that I forgot to take their photos!  The lovely chow seems to really enjoy greeting us, and the retriever is not as well as the chow and cannot stay on his hind legs for long enough to greet folks!

The next day the same couple came in to show me their very huge fish!

We measured it at 50 1/2 inches long and so heavy that he and she could hardy lift it!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hera's pedigree

I looked on the greyhound database for Hera's pedigree.  I was surprised with the results, but not happy that she is not related to all my blog friends' hounds!   She is however related to a previous greyhound that I had, Gable Valentine!  Both Hera and Valentine have the same relative, Gable Dodge.  Gable Dodge was the sire of Valentine and is the grandsire of Hera.  They are mostly the same color as well.
Am I related to YOU, or You, or you?  Please let me know!
Gable Valentine
Valentine was a very large male, and Hera is a small female and more red colored!

add picture
 Kelsos Fusileer
 Gable Dodge
Wigwam Wag
J's C PennyWhere's Casey
Red Zombie
CJ Ima Bahama
Dutch BahamaHairless Joe
Dutch Debit
SP's GlitzLucky Artist *
Secret Hope
 Lassinagh Silky *
Arrigle Buddy
Slaneyside HareSkelligs Tiger
Slaneyside Queen
Borrismore GoldDaleys Gold
Sand Melody
Last Boher
Ardfert SeanEasy and Slow
Keilduff Fun
Boher RitaRita's Choice
Lassinagh Beauty
Strike Zone Hero

color Red
sex female
date of birth 7 APR 2011
land of birth US USA
land of standing US USA
ear mark 41B-55799
studbook  (2012)

Arrogant Pride
 WW Time Warp
 Minaki Zeke
Trouper ZekeWincarnis
Nice Catch
Frosty Day *Daleys Gold
Twilite Dreamon
Willie HondoHondo Monopoly
My Frosti Dew
Dream DietKunta Kinte
RK Picture This
 Oswald Cobblepot
HB's CommanderAkbar
Princess Donna
ValenskyRooster's Spur
Just Lilly *
Oshkosh Jan
Oshkosh RaceyUnruly
Oshkosh Benefit
Oshkosh QuirkPK's Jet
Oshkosh Kiss

Does any of your hounds have a relative on Hera's pedigree?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hera is very hera

My beautiful Hera is very challenged by steps, both going up and going down!  I had to lift her to get her going many times!

Thank God she is food motivated

I had to be very careful to keep Power from getting into the food left to motivate Hera!

I had to tie my door open, so it would not swing shut on Hera, and also had to keep Power back, and keep myself back to not block the way in for Hera. 

It was tough balancing it all!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Park Horses and Friends!

Can you tell that this lady( Patti) and the horses are buddies?

This particular herd of horses ( about 15 in total) are really wild and wouldn't have anything to do with her!

She really tried to give them horse treats!

THIS herd of horses (seven in total) is not very wild and they were very glad to see her!

They really mobbed her for the carrots and oat/apple treats