Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doggy Danger ...Part 3

Today Power had surgery to fix the tear in his skin.  While he was there I got out an old sweatshirt, cut the sleeves off, and made a strap to tie over his hips .  When I went to the Vet's office to pick him up, he was still sleepy, and yet he was able to walk with a bit of help.  He had a rather vacant look in his eyes!  The vet lifted him into my car, but when I got home to the motorhome, my friend Carol came over to help me get him out of the car and into the motorhome.  I did most of the lifting, but needed help holding doors, leashes, etc.  Power was a real sweety.  He didn't make things more difficult by screaming, kicking, biting, or collapsing.  I've had other dogs do those things.

After getting him inside, I put his sweatshirt pants on him and he tolerated them well.

I hoped that the strap over the back would keep them from sliding off, but found that after about an hour he was having them slip.

Perhaps I will be able to keep them up with a modification.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Doggy Danger...Part 2

Today Power went to the Vet, who told me that I should have found an emergency vet Friday when the skin was torn.  I felt about 2 inches tall, but replied that previous vets had told me not to sew skin tears.  

He gave me antibiotics to give Power, and the scheduled surgery for tomorrow at 8 am.  

Sweet Power was calm and sweet throughout.  He is such a dear. 

The Vet in Quartzsite is open a half day three days a week.  He's a real sweet guy and his office staff is a great lady who gets to bring her poodle to work each day ( my kind of job).  When I drove to the office, the parking lot was already nearly full. I did find a spot, and left Fleur to guard( ha!) the car. 
As I walked to the office, a lady walked up to me and said "You're number 9!"
I chuckled, because there is always a group of people waiting to get in the waiting room.  Today all the dogs were very well behaved except one Min-pin who tried to kill every one who got within 10 feet of the dog. 

I have decided to make a one legged pant for Power to wear while healing so that he can't pull his stitches out.  I have a sweat jacket that will be sacrificed for the project.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Doggy Danger

Today I had an accident with my new greyhound, Power.  It was entirely my fault and I feel terrible about it.  I want to explain.  First, Power is a dog who likes to stand at the motorhome door and think for a while before entering the motorhome.  So, I've become accustomed to having a long delay before the entrance of Power.  I usually take that time to hang up my purse, and keys, etc.  The motorhome door will slowly swing shut after 10- 20 seconds, and because Power is still thinking, the door can shut and he doesn't care.  

Today of all days, I did the usual, and Power did the unusual.  For the first time ever, Power waited till I turned my back, and bounded into the doorway, which was slowly swinging shut.  He hit the sharp corner of the door with the groin part of his right hip and the corner tore a 1 in hole in his skin.  He never slowed down!  Never Yelped!  Acted like he was fine!  It wasn't fine... it was a shock to me.  I'm a retired nurse and knew it wasn't life threatening, but I wanted it to not be.  I try to protect my dogs, not letting them get injured.

I felt terrible.  I realized that I should have changed the level of the motorhome so that the door would swing open rather than closed, and prevented this accident.  So I activated the hydraulic levelers on the motorhome and raised the rear of the motorhome about two inches and now the door will swing open rather than closed.  

Power is resting on his bed, and looking quite comfortable.

Fleur is worried that Power needs help resting so she is next to Power showing him how to rest!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Marine Corps veteran and long term RVer

Abby came to our social hour with her red sweater and Marine Corps  cap.  She even stood at attention!
Abby in her red sweater and Marine Corps hat
Delores in her Marine Corps cap  .She and Abby made a fine picture!
Delores and her Marine Corps cap

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Pet me too!
Mom says I'm very NOSY!
Who says I'm not limber, too!
I was looking at other blogs a few weeks ago, and realized that some of the photos on the blogs were taken with a greater telephoto lens than the one on my camera.I bought my camera 5 years ago and at that time, a 10 x telephoto lens was almost the best one could buy on a point and shoot type of digital camera.
The camera has been great, and reliable as well.  But I bought a new camera for myself this Christmas , because it has a 42 x optical zoom, and it's still a point and shoot type digital camera!

The camera arrived and I've been having fun learning about it.  It is really easy to use as are most point and shoot type digital cameras.  It is about 4 inches from front to back, and 3 1/2 inches high and 4 inches wide.  It is no longer a pocket camera but is still very lightweight. 
 Fleur sitting in her "sphinx" pose.  She will use this instead of a "sit" quite frequently. 

Power showing that he is very limber, and scratching his ear while sun bathing.

Fleur is looking adorable.  That beautiful face!

I'm so-o-o-o limber!