Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gardening again

I love plants, and when I saw these two at Walmart last week, I didn't even try to resist temptation.  The first plant is called a "desert rose" and has these very unusual trunks.  The flowers will be red or bright pink, and this plant is a slow growing plant which is suitable for bonsai.

Label says "bonsai"
Split Rock
This lovely plant is called a "split rock", and it is so amusing to watch these fat leaves divide, and then the blooms show so beautifully.
When I leave the state park, these beauties will travel on the dash of my motorhome, along with my cacti.


  1. They're gorgeous! What great finds!

    Are you leaving the state park soon?

  2. Did you know your photo of Fleur is coming over your text at the top.

    Beautiful cactus flowers.

    1. I knew it was happening but on my computer it was going back to it's normal size when the page finished loading. I'll work on it. Thanks!


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