Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Travel Preparations

For nearly three weeks I've been camping at Bluewater Lake State Park in NW New Mexico.  I really love it here.  But, winter is coming fast here, it's below freezing at night.  My favorite parts about this park are the horses, and the great beauty of the landscape.This park is managed by Kelly the ranger who does a really great job.

I will be leaving in two more days.  I started getting things ready a few days ago.  I got out my tire gauge and checked the pressure.  All of them needed a bit of air, so I got the compressor out and got the tires all pumped to the optimal psi.  Two of the valve stems had lost the caps so I replaced them with new ones from Walmart.  My neighbor, Cari, was out checking her tires and needed to pump them up.  Her tire gauge is malfunctioning, so she asked to use mine.  Her compressor has a very short air fill attachment, and she asked me to help her get one tire filled because the short attachment was nearly impossible to hold in place on the valve stem.  We finally go it done.

My cactus garden needed watering and fertilizing.  

As you can see, I have to protect some of the plants from the cat.  I thought cats would be deterred by the thorns, but Chica is a sneaky girl!  The clear plastic works well.

The water hoses I own were just barely long enough (three 25 ft hosed hooked end to end) to reach to the nearest faucet for fresh water tank fill. But that job is now done and have the hoses recoiled and stowed away.  

Windshield cleaning is my least favorite job.  I have cleaned it 5 times in the last month and cannot get it clean enough to keep from having a film of streaks inside and outside that are annoying to look through. Used Windex, Alcohol, Rain-X, and Invisible glass.

Repair hole for Dash A/C

Hole repaired and touched up by me

Two months ago I had to get the dash A/C repaired again.  The repair shop left a hole in the front of the motorhome again, so again, I need to touch up the hole repair.  White caulk and white touch up paint make the 12 x 12 inch hole repair less noticeable.  A body shop could fix it so it was invisible, but next time the A/C needs repair the hole would have to be opened again, so the less expensive option is my choice.

Checking under the hood for oil, antifreeze, transmission, brake fluid, etc will be the last job on the mechanical list.  I'm so grateful that motorhome manufacturers made the recent models so that I don't have to take off the engine cover to check transmission fluid.  Last item is to hitch up the car and we're on the road again!


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