Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friends old and new

Wednesday (after a nearly sleepless night) we got in my car, drove to Yuma, and visited two couples whom we have met while RVing.  One couple we worked with 2008-2009, and they are dog lovers as well.  The other couple are camp hosts we met this year.  They are greyhound people.

After 75 miles I suddenly realized I'd forgot my purse, so I pulled off the road to let Cari drive.  While in Yuma, we let my dogs play with Mike's dog, Bella, and went to Petsmart.  I was afraid my boy Power would pee in the store.  I walked him around outside the store but he showed no interest in peeing.  Off to the inside of the store.  He and Fleur were perfect!  I was surprised.  They had not been in that store and had not had enough exercise so I was fearful of misbehavior.  

Looked at Dog food brands.  The so called quality foods are terribly expensive.
$45.00 for 15 lbs.  The best ones were twice that much.  I finally bought one bag of Nutro lamb and rice and plan to mix it with Purina One Lamb and rice.
I was not expecting those prices.

Many times I am in an area that has few resources for quality dog food.  I need quality dog food that is readily available and affordable.  Any ideas, anyone? 

After the Yuma trip, I wondered how the night would go.  It was much better.
I  didn't have to be up but once during the night.  Fleur is still having some adjustment problems with Power at bedtime,(she wants to order him around) but it was better last night as well. This morning I noticed tape worms on Power's butt so I called Verde Valley Greyhounds( my adoption agency), and she told me that their vet in Flagstaff could not mail me the meds because it is a type of poison, and that I should have taken out the pet insurance she recommended.  She said if I called it in I could still use it to take Power to a vet.  So I called the insurance and they said that it is $59.00 per month.

I took Power to the Quartzsite vet and he gave Power a shot of tape worm medicine. Power found his lungs and yelled his head off!( not a peep up till then!) The vet says that I will not need to give him any more meds and do not need to treat Fleur and Chica.  $40.00  Not too bad. 

Next I need to work out bathing logistics! 


  1. You're going to give them baths? That will be interesting! I'm glad things seem to be working out.

  2. Wow...this all sounds terribly stressful! Hope Power is all better soon!


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