Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Night Power !

My lovely big boy is partly night owl.  He wakes and need something...

  • is it outside to pee?
  • is he cold?
  • is he hungry?
  • is he thirsty?
  • is he bored?
  • maybe his foot hurts...
  • maybe he needs...............something

I haven't figured it out yet.  If I bundle up and take him for a walk he is happy to go, but doesn't pee or poop.

If I give him something for his foot he is happy to take the pill in a treat, but he's still unsatisfied.

If I throw a blanket over him he throws it off and ignores it and his bed.

If  I give him some water, he just looks at it.

If I break down an give him a snack, he looks at me while he inhales it but still is not satisfied.

If I give him toys to play with, he then leaps up to get the toy, drops it and ignores the toy.

So this morning at 2:30 am I decided that I had to do something drastic.  Power was unable to settle and my female greyhound Fleur would begin growling and barking at Power.  No sleep was in sight for me, so I went back out to the living room and sat in my recliner, covered up with a quilt and dared those dogs to keep on!  Of course they promptly fell asleep.  I wonder if their necks are in a cramp....MINE is!


  1. I think he is just getting use to his new home. My first grey is the one only that settled in quickly. It took Joey quite a while. He came from a kennel and not a foster home. I bet he will be more comfortable in a few days. :-)

  2. It sounds like he just needed your company. Do you think he is just nervous in the dark, not knowing where he is or what might happen, but if he knows you're there, he feels better?

    Thank goodness you have a comfortable recliner! You are all going to need naps for a while until he's settled in. :)

  3. Maybe you could try keeping him busy and awake during the day? That might help him to get into a schedule (that suits yours better!).

  4. My Polly is usually up around 7am and she wants to go for a walk. Too dark here till at least 7.30am, si she just stands and whines. Whenb I first had her I would take her outside, but she rarely would do anything. I've noticed she will now pee outside, but poops she holds till she out on a walk.


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