Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clicker training...WHO gets trained?

I ordered two clickers, and when they arrived, I opened the Neversaynevergreyhounds blog and watched the video on clicker training again.  I have decided to set aside 15 minutes each day to work on the clicker training.  I really respect the training that Jennifer has given her greyhounds.  I want to be a good trainer, as well, and feel that I can copy her methods.

I also have a lot of faith in Power's basic temperament.  He's got a lot of calm and gentleness that will be a benefit to him and I as we progress.


  1. Once you get the hang of it you'll love it! My dogs respond so well. Spike, my minature poodle, has been taught to do so many things with clicker training - he thinks it is a game. His latest trick is to bring me my socks from the bedroom when my feet are cold. It is pretty cute, and he LOVES being able to earn little treats.

    For cheap treats that are easy to carry I cut low fat hotdogs into small pieces (cut lengthwise then into bits the width of your baby finger). They love them and are reasonably healthy. Since the treats are so small they can get lots.

    Good luck! Laura (and my doggies)

    p.s. I used to have a greyhound. Pan was from a breeder that bred for lure coursing - that's a real blast and the dogs love it. He lived till almost 12. We still miss him.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, Hazel. I look forward to following along on your adventures.


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