Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Power Part 2

Today we drove in the motorhome about 160 miles.  Since it was Power's first time in the motorhome when it's moving, I wondered how he would do.  He did great!  He especially liked it when I dropped some cookies on the floor and he got to them before I did.  Great reflexes.  Those were not injured in his accident.

He managed to get the sock I had covering his surgery foot loosened up enough that it was hanging long on the sore foot, sort of like those funny clown shoes with the extra long toes!  He never let it slow him down, though.

When we got to Quartzsite AZ, I had planned to find one of the two main shade trees and camp under it for cooler temps, but the two shade trees were already taken.  So I drove on down the dirt road to the spot I have always used and there was one of my friends, Debbie Lemon!  I was so glad to see her.  I picked a spot near her and we had a lovely visit.  Debbie's dog (Maui) is a black poodle.Normally Maui has a fit when I approach with my big greyhounds, but she liked Power!  Debbie is a long time RVer and a pretty lady.  Her husband died two years ago but she's very capable and still on the road.  Debbie is also the best beader that I have ever seen.  She covers bottles with leather and does the beading on the leather.  Exquisite!

When we stopped for gas, I took the dogs out for a pee break while the gas tank filled.  I can see that Power has the down part of the steps all figured out, and is doing a lot better on the entering UP the steps.  One thing I've noticed is that he pees without lifting his leg, or even squatting.  He just stops and let's it rip!

Walking around at camp is funny, because Power has a hard time deciding whether to take his TRIBBLE
(stuffed toy with squeaker) with him or to let it stay on the yard mat.  He wants to have it both ways!
I am having to remember to watch for the Tribble in case he drops it.  And, sore as he is he still wants to be released to run.  Today I will unload the fencing from the rear ladder of my RV and set it up.  Then the dogs can play outside and relax off leash.  Rattlesnakes are still out due to the heat, so I need to remember to keep an eye out for them.

Bed time brought with it the fact that Power was not yet ready for sleep.  He was interested in sniffing all around for the possibility of cookie crumbs.  I finally clipped his leash to a retainer to limit his exploring, and he could then move in a smaller area.  His exploring was also making my female greyhound (FLEUR) very antsy and she would growl and bark at him saying" stay out of my space!. She did the same with Val when he was alive.  She want's to be in charge!

Bedtime brought with it the fact that with no electricity, it was very warm and I have two fans which work off battery power.  The dogs got one and I and the cat got one.  After I got to sleep the dogs woke me up wanting to go outside.  So out we went so that Power could pee.  He wasn't ready for sleep, he took the Tribble out and want to run and play.  This was repeated at 3 AM and then at 5:30 am.  By then I decided to stay up.   Out we went, Tribble and all. The beauty of the night sky is breathtaking.  I doubt that Power is thinking of the beautiful stars and moon.  He just wants to play.  Smart boy.

Since  I'm supposed to keep him a bit quiet for a little while to let his injuries finish healing, I have not let him get too rambunctious.  I think he is not in too much pain.  He still gets an antibiotic pill twice a day.  I put the capsule inside a PILL POCKET which is a treat with a pocket in it, to hide a pill or capsule inside.  The treat smells and tastes so good that he ignores the presence of the capsule inside. One gulp and it's gone.

He's so black that at night I can't see him.  I put a white cloth around his neck last night.  I could she if he was into mischief or asleep.  T think I'll look around for a larger fabric to put around his neck at night.


  1. I read 'Me and My Dog' blog and found you through her.
    I think you must be a tremendous lady to have two large rescue dogs. I applaud you!
    Enjoying your post :))

  2. It sounds like he is adjusting well. I wondered how a dog would react to being put in a motor home right away, but it is probably an easy adjustment. It is more room than he had in his kennel. Ours love living in the motor home, but I wonder if they miss their house and yard.

    Joey doesn't always lift his leg either. LOL

  3. Hello Hazel, I am coming to you from Me and My Dog. I have been reading Barbara's blog since the beginning. I want to say how happy I am to learn you have a new member of the family to love. I was so saddened when you lost Val. We have had many dogs our married life and at present have 2 dachshunds, 1 toy fox terrier, 1 long hair chihuahua, 1 mix breed and my daughter who is still living at home has a 131 lb Great Dane. She goes camping with us frequently and the looks we get when we walk her and the wienies is priceless. I have a blog I started and Barbara was very helpful to me in that endeavor.
    My blog is We just finished up our 2nd camp hosting job and will be full timing next year when our daughter is married. I am going to enjoy your blog because of being a fellow dog lover. Hope you can check out mine someday. The picture I love the most is twin fawns nursing on their mama. I sure was lucky to get that shot. It was nice to meet you, and I think it is great you adopting a dog that is such need of a special home and love.


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