Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stitches Stitches

Yesterday I had the suspicion that Power's operated foot still has stitches in place.  Last week I drove 100 miles to the vet who did the surgery to get the stitches out.  Now I find at least two more stitches.  I was not going to drive back to Flagstaff to get them out.  So I got out tiny scissors and tweezers and started the procedure.  One stitch came out easily but Power figured out what I was doing and wouldn't cooperate for the next ones.  So I still have at least one stitch to remove.  I thought it would be done but maybe tomorrow.  

I didn't want to get Power so upset that he would feel compelled to bite in order to defend himself from the pain.  He's got a gentle soul.  I think the stitches can wait a day..

One day later... Power had a very restless night, kept waking, and wanting out, went out, played with squeaky toy outside, finally put leash on and walked him around in the desert till he pee'd and pooped.  Then when we went back inside the RV I moved his bed to the kitchen in hopes that if he was restless he at least wouldn't be irritating his new "sister" Fleur.  Fleur is a grouch when bothered at night.  She's 9 1/2 yrs old but that's not why,  she's been touchy all her life.

Power didn't want to walk on the operated foot during the night and cried with pain when he bumped it on the way in or out of the RV.  

Today I need to get that stitch out and be done with it.  
Finally all the stitches are out (I think) and the foot is looking less pink and swollen.  He walks on it well unless he bumps it.  If he bumps it he cries for a minute, but he stops soon and keeps going.  The knuckles on the operated foot are still looking pink and a little swollen, Power is not licking it nonstop anymore.

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  1. Do you think it would help if he wore a boot when he goes outside? Joey has a Thera Paw boot that he wears due to a corn. It has a lot of cushion to it. If the injury is on top of the foot, it probably won't help though.

    I hope getting all the stitches out will make him all better. Poor guy.


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