Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm convinced that RVers and dog people are some of the friendliest on earth.

Meeting others!

I had some interesting comments from folks yesterday and today.  First I want to say thanks to all who comment.  I checked out some of their blogs this am while I was waiting for the sun to rise.
Betsy Speert has an interior decorating business and also a restoration business for vintage RV's!  I'm going to love learning from her site!  Thanks Betsy!

Patsy Erdman has the greatest picture of her hound wearing glasses!  You got my vote for getting a dog to be so photogenic and cooperative!

Laura has three dogs who all stayed still for the camera.  Great job, Laura.What is the trick?

Harriet has two Italian Greyhounds.  Sounds like a bundle of energy times two, doesn't it?

Lucy &amp Loree wrote a comment and I checked her blog.  It sounds very interesting.  I'll be checking it out frequently.

Kcgaz joined the blog and he has his own blog as well  Check it out   From the picture of the RV ( Tioga), it sounds like he and his family are learning like all the rest of do....through experience!  Welcome kcgaz!

I've been having blog visits from Germany and I am excited to think this might be family.  My closest family live in a town near Hamburg Germany.  Dearly loved, Jost, Miriam, Dana, and Keno!

Jerry and Sandy of sound like I'm going to learn a lot of cooking tips.

Again, I sure enjoy hearing from you!


  1. Barbara, said to check you out so here I am. :)

  2. Jo, thanks for joining my blog! I think I'm going to find your blog very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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