Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bicycle Power

Power seemed to feel much better yesterday afternoon, and was beginning to get some of his puppy energy back.  I knew from experience that a dog can be very bored and destructive if he doesn't have a constructive outlet for his energy.

I'd been taking him for walks and at first that's about all he felt like doing on his sore foot.  Now however it is a different story.

I hooked his leash to my recumbent tricycle and we did a slow circle around the RV camping area on the BLM.  He was in heaven to go just a bit faster and farther!

This is such an extraordinary dog.  He is an agreeable personality, and doesn't try to pull on the leash like all my previous dogs have done.  He's sleeping all night now and has been doing all his business outside.  He eats well and in general is so well behaved.

He has figured out that if I pick up his leash it means FUN!  He runs to me to get his leash hooked up.  He no longer hesitates in entering and exiting the motorhome.  His method of entering is very different from Fleur.  She walks one step at a time.  Power jumps the full distance from ground to inside motorhome( 5 steps).  I tried to get him to put his feet on the steps, but he said "what for, Mom?  I don't need steps.  I can fly!"

Let's fly more, Mom!


  1. He sounds so much like my late Jack. I'm glad he is feeling so much better.

  2. I'm so happy he is doing so well. He sounds like a wonderful dog. Are you going to post some photos? I want to see him having fun. :)


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