Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Dry Skin

I find RVing so great that I seldom find fault with any of it.  My favorite places are in the deserts.  Living in the deserts means dry air, and that can lead to dry skin.  Many have this situation and solve it with lots of lotion.  I have not yet solved this problem, but I have tried lotions.

Now, this sounds like I am referring to my OWN skin being dry, but that is not the case.  The dry skin I am referring to is on Power, and also on Chica.

Chica is my cat, a tuxedo cat.  Power is my new greyhound, a tuxedo greyhound.  They each have black fur everywhere except white chin, white chest and belly, and white feet and white tipped tail.  They are identical in their markings, though they are different species, different genders, different ages.  
Power and his flaky dry skin

The very first day I had Power, Chica walked up to Power and they stood nose to nose, smelled each other, looked each other in the eye and have been good friends ever since.

The other similarity is their dry skin.  An animal with black fur shows any skin flakes.  Power is really experiencing dry skin, and I am treating his with flaxseed oil served in his food.  I have been advised that this is really good for him.  He eats so well that it's easy to just add it to his food.  Chica has other ideas.  She thinks flaxseed oil makes her food uneatable.  She says that dry skin is normal for cats of her aristocratic genetic background!  She also says that if I continue to be bothered by it that I should just turn my head.
She says "Royal felines are perfect, I am royal, so therefore I am perfect." 
Her Royal Highness  Chica


  1. That is good to know. We have a little toy Fox Terrier that is experiencing some really dry skin right now. Need to try that, and she also eats very well.

  2. Love your wonderful animals and your heart for rescuing them.
    We live in Central Calif and summers are hot and dry. The vet
    told my son that their dog should have some olive oil in it's
    food daily and that flaxseed is great but it is also used to
    encourage bowel movements. Who knows. lol But it's
    something to think about.
    Enjoy your posts :))

  3. Hazel,
    We showed dogs for some 35 years and now that we are fulltiming (with 5 dogs) the black dogs still periodically get that dandruff look. When we see that, it has been a sign that they are either shedding, getting ready to shed, or have just shed their coat. We feed Blue Buffalo most of the time and don't have any problems... except when the 2 black dogs are in a shed mode. If you Google 'dry skin in dogs and cats' you will get lots of good advice and can maybe find what looks good and natural for your problem. Good luck and it might take several tries to get it right.
    Judy Wms.

  4. I've read that flax oil (and other plant oils) can upset a carnivore so you might want to try fish oil. I buy huge bottles of tablets at costco and give one or two a day depending on size. A pet place might have it in bottles.

  5. I love the term Tuxedo. It describesd my Polly so well.

    I've been putting a little bit of spread (like butter, but more of a margarine) into Polly's food, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Will try codliver oil next.


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