Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Power Feeding time

Power has no hesitation in eating! 

Fleur however is now and has always been a nervous eater.  If any little thing is bothering her, she won't eat at all.  But that doesn't mean that she wants any one looking at her food.  She likes to protect her food bowl, both physically and mentally.  She can't stand the cat looking at her while her food is in the bowl, and she also doesn't like the other dog to even think about her bowl of food.

Power is so eager to eat that he tries to gobble up the food too fast.  Then he chokes on it and spews the food all over the floor.  That doesn't bother him.  He just re-inhales it!  I have discovered that he really needs an elevated food bowl, so I turn a dish pan over and put his food bowl on the dish pan.  That makes the food bowl elevated 9 inches.  He does much better with the bowl elevation.  I believe that he needs it even higher, so I am thinking about what I already own that might work.  If I have to I will purchase something but I am trying to utilize something already owned.  (In an RV every item has to have a home.)  Extra items take extra storage space. I realized that the plastic storage box behind my recliner would be about the right height for Powers food bowl, and I wouldn't have to find a place for a new object.
The picture above is of Power outside the RV in Quartzsite AZ.  I think he's beginning to relax and enjoy himself, don't you?

Power is also such an eager eater that getting his antibiotic capsules down is an easy job.  I have been inserting the capsule into a round meatball treat and putting the meatball on top of his food ration.  Occasionally I see him spit the capsule out, but I just pick it up and put it into another meatball, then put the new meatball back into the food bowl.

Power standing by elevated food bowl
I gave the brain cells time and found a solution for feeding time food elevation.  I have a large plastic storage bin just behind my Laz e Boy recliner. It is the right height so I just put Power's food bowl on the bin. Now he is not choking himself nearly as often. 

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  1. Those are great photos of the dogs, Power is so shiny now. It's really nice to see him doing so well, and Fleur accepting him so readily.

    Interesting that Power needs his food bowl so high, but he is a tall dog. I noticed Fleur and Val were eating from their bowls while laying down when I was in your motor home one day, so if Power is standing up, it makes sense. :)


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