Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Washing the car and motorhome

My neighbor Debbie decided to get out her "magic rag" and wash her car.  She had about 1-2 cups cool water in a bowl and her "magic rag"

Fifteen minutes later she had a beautifully clean car and the water was dirty.  I asked her about the magic rag and found that it is a special kind of microfiber made by TRASAN of Sweden. 

Debbie got hers in 1996 and is still using it.  One dips it in cool water, wrings it out and washes the car, rinsing the rag as needed.  It needs no soap, etc and the car comes very clean with very little effort. 

The windows also come clean very easily.  Yesterday  Debbie showed me how to do my car wash, using the "magic rag" which I had mail-ordered.  My car looks great!


  1. I may look into getting one of those, it does a better job than what I'm doing now, and is probably easier.

  2. Would you mind telling how much they cost? Anything to make that job easier is probably worth a lot of $$$$. I don't like to wash a car...too big!


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