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Beautiful sights
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bathroom cleaning

On Tuesday, I took some cleaning supplies with me to the visitor center. I had noticed that no one was cleaning the toilet, the sink, or even refilling the paper towel dispenser.

I couldn't stand the idea of using it while it was so filthy, and I'm not very good at demanding that someone else do their job!

I used "The Works" from the family dollar store to get the mineral deposits off the toilet and sink.(Let them soak for a while), then used a Mr. Clean magic eraser to clean the outside of the toilet, and the sink surfaces.

The baseboards were very dirty, so i used the magic eraser on them as well.  I again requested that the paper towel dispenser be refilled so it finally got done.

Next is the floor.  I tried the magic eraser on a square of the floor vinyl, and it looked 10 times better.
So, I got my Swiffer wet jet mop ready to take over to the office in the morning.  I know that it will be easier than bending from my waist or being on my hands and knees.

This windy environment will always produce dusty window sills, and dusty floors, but at least the layer of dust will be thinner!

These pictures are of the bathroom after the cleaning!It's not prettier, just cleaner! The supplies for cleaning are in a closet ready to be used!


  1. You are a real trooper to get down and clean the bathroom. Hope it is appreciated.

  2. How nice of you to do that. Clean always makes a place look so much better. I love those Magic Erasers!

  3. Does "The Works" really work? I have fought our dingy bathtub since we moved into the house years ago, and I haven't found anything that does a very good job. I've just about given up on it, and this time of year when everybody is coming to the house for summer parties, it bugs me more than usual. It was awfully nice of you to do that!

  4. You can tell that mostly men use that bathroom! Good job getting it clean again. I cleaned mine this morning, too. It's such a quick job in The Palms, I really should do a thorough cleaning more often. :)


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