Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Steak as food?

I had been seeing advertisements about Walmart steaks ( in the black package).  So after a 50 mile drive to a super Walmart I did get a couple of New York steaks ( in the black package).

I decided to cook outside, and invited a neighbor over to eat.  My two greyhounds decided that I had bought the steaks for them and they were doing that tall greyhound thing that makes me hold the package over my head to keep them from getting it!

I usually give them some meat bones a couple of times a week to keep their teeth clean, and I guess they decided that this was their bones!

After they finally got the message that this was for the humans in the family, they quit jumping up, but instead they had a conversation with the rain gods, and got the rain to start falling while I was in the middle of the cooking!
So I had to hurriedly pick up the meat and go inside to my kitchen where I was able to finish them in a skillet on the hot plate.  They turned out really great, and my neighbor and I really enjoyed the meal, even though we had not planned to eat inside.

So, is steak food? for humans or for greyhounds? The answer is YES! to both.


  1. This made me think of the time when Hannah's Great Dane was left in the house because company had pulled in the driveway. We had just taken a plate full of Brats off the grill and set them on the counter. You know whats coming, yep she ate them all. Only she didn't have to jump to get them just casually walk up and eat. She would have preferred your steak though I'm sure LOL :)
    I love your header design the pictures are so cute.

    1. Thanks for sharing your memories with me! I am laughing just picturing it.
      Thanks for the compliments on the blog header.

  2. Hope you saved a little bit for the hounds:)

  3. Smart pups! I like that, "tall greyhound thing." Mine do that too.

  4. Ha ha ha! I can picture this so clearly! I'm glad you got to enjoy your steak!

  5. Hi, I have a black lab/blue heeler cross. I used to give him the big knuckle beef bones, which he loved also. But it wore down his lower incisors, that I hadn't noticed until I took him into Vet for exam and teeth cleaning. The vet pointed out his worn down lower teeth and said NOT to give him even those...darn it. She also said fuzzy tennis balls will do the same thing, so I switched to hard rubber balls (which he loves).
    Anyway, I began buying those Denta Sticks (the ribbed sided ones they have advertised on TV) for large dogs. He loves those, too, and do a fabulous job of keeping teeth and gums cleaned. 1 a day. Vet approved!! Just wanted to pass along in case you were interested. I read your blog about your Rving with your greyhounds. :)


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