Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Scaredy Cats?

This morning we were having thunder and lightning for several hours.  My two greyhounds decided that they had been brave long enough and that they could now show that they were "COWARDS"!
They refused to go outside for bathroom duties, refused to lie on their beds and rest, and I decided that if I left them in the motorhome for 4 hours that I was going to have a mess to clean up when I got home from work. So I decided that I would take them to work with me.  I carried a blanket from the car into my office for them to lie on, and then brought them in.  Fleur, being the senior, more experienced one of the two, knew that when I put the blanket down that she was supposed to lie on it and be quiet.

Where is her halo!? She is lying under the desk, out of sight!

  Power was another kettle of fish entirely!  He had never been in an office, and he had never been around lots of strangers one after the other, and he had never had to lie on a blanket on a hard floor.  He was really restless and couldn't settle down at all.
His halo got stepped on because he was too restless to keep it on his head!

I hooked his leash to a chair leg and he was more restricted, but not content.
He was restless and wanted out of my office, but of course I couldn't let him out.  He would not go under the desk and then lay on the nice soft blanket, so he had to make do with the hard floor.
I think he learned a lot today, and I think that he would do better if I brought him to work again!
The main thing is that he and Fleur weren't scared all day during the thunder and lightning!


  1. Power, you had to lay on the FLOOR?! *gasp* I need to go lay on my big pink fluffy bed and recover from the shock of it all!


    1. Bunny, some Moms just aren't teachable!

  2. There's something about the thunder this year that is affecting Katie, too. It just rolls and cracks and is very loud. Poor Power, he's still learning all the new things in his new life. But he's a quick learner, so he'll do fine. Of course, Miss Fleur is always beautiful and well behaved. Great photos! :)

  3. I think it's good that they come to work with you. Gives them work experience.

  4. You were lucky you could take them to work. Sounds like the length of the storm was just too much and they gave in to their anxiety.

  5. I try to stay with the dogs as much as possible during the storm. I can usually accomplish this since I am home with them during the week. They do okay in storms, but storms are so loud in a motor home. I am glad that they are able to go to work with you. I used to put a t-shirt on Jack during a storm. I wrapped it tight around his tummy and tied it in a knot on top. It really helped him. A vet told us that it helps some dogs.


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