Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dogs and dogs!

On my day off, I drove to Gallup, NM (50 miles) so that I could go to a full size Walmart.  I hesitated to take the greyhounds because of possible car overheating.  Both Power and Fleur were in full actor mode, vying for most adorable so that they wouldn't get left behind.  They pulled every trick they had out of the box to convince me.
I promise I won't take up  much room! And I'll dry off quick ( from pool) so I don't get the car wet!

Do I look innocent enough to convince you?

I drove all around the Walmart parking lot trying to spot shade to keep the car cool.  In the back and one side of the store were puddles from recent rains, and I saw these Prairie dogs, drinking and cuddling.

Prairie Dogs
These prairie dogs were so cute getting a drink from a puddle, and then going back into their burrow.

Does my breath smell?


  1. Hope the dogs didn't see the Prairie Dogs:)

    Hope you got all you wanted in Walmart and the dogs were ok being left in the car.

  2. The Prairie Dogs are very cute. I'm sure Frankie and Beryl would like to make their acquaintance! They look very chaseable, lol. I hate leaving my dogs behind when I go in the car too, they do love their car rides :)


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