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Beautiful sights
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pedigrees again!

Because it was so much fun to learn about Power's pedigree, and his many relatives around the planet, I decided to do the same for Fleur.

I think she must work for the CIA because there seems to be either a missing 
record, perhaps a mistaken record.  She has the normal ear tattoos, but I can hardly make out the Left ear tattoo. 

Below is an email that Fleur sent to Sue, in England:

Hi Sue and Polly
this is fleur writing to you to tell you about my ear tattoos!  My mom and her friend barbara held me down and mom turned my left ear inside out while barbara read the numbers.  Mom wrote it down, and then she had barbara take a picture to try to be sure of the number.  

When I was just a little baby they stuck the tattoo stuff in my ear and I didn't like it so i moved my head trying to get away, and they had to do the tattoo twice.  it is one on top of the other and is not clear at all.  ever since then mean people have been trying to read it and i still wiggle all over to try to get away.  it's a wonder my ear hasn't been pulled off my head!

the number is 38298 or 39293 or 38236  maybe!
Or maybe the number is 10236.  If anyone can read it, please let me know!
Momi contacted my adoption group in louisiana and their records were very incomplete as well.  so no help there.
Quit encouraging mom to check my ear!

mad fleur


  1. I have tried putting in just Kiowa into the Greyhound Database and loads of dogs come up, but can't see anything that would be your Fleur.

    Do you know if she ever raced? If she didn't it's possible her details never got put on the database.

    You might find this link of interest:

  2. I've got a few tattoos but Im pretty sure I'd squirm if someone tried to tattoo the inside of my ear too! Good luck with finding out 'who' Fleur is!

  3. I have heard that shining a flashlight on the ear helps, but I have never personally tried this.

  4. Wow, that is hard to read. I can't help. Do you know her racing name?

  5. I hope someone can read those numbers better than I can! Poor Fleur. She's so good, and I don't blame her for not wanting her ear turned inside out!

  6. Sometimes I can read them better if the sun is shining through from the other side of the ear. Sometimes, not.

  7. I've heard that shining a flashlight through your ear can help with reading them. Not that you want me to mention that, but maybe it would put the question to rest once and for all! Does your mom know your racing name?



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