Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Home again!

Power's vet told me that he found one deep cut that he did not stitch (due to depth), one small cut that did not need stitching, and the large cut that he did stitch.

The large cut is on his knee.

Power had a hard time with the collar and could not figure out how to drink, get on the sofa, eat, or get in the motorhome doorway.  The collar was definitely a new item for him.
I put him on the sofa, installed the collar, and then he napped.
Hera was freaked out by the collar also!


  1. Oh poor Power!! Have you any idea yet how it happened?? I had to wear one of those collars once. It's not easy to get around and I don't blame Hera for being spooked. They're awful spooky things those collars. You can get a soft one that gives a bit more. They are much more comfortable but still tricky to maneuver.

  2. Poor lad. Most dogs hate the cone. If you have an ordinary Greyhound muzzle, he'd probably be better with that. I saw somewhere that if you put some vicks Vapour Rub around a wound (NOT ON IT) it will put dogs off licking it.

    Did you find any blood on something to show where he'd got caught up?

    Sending positive healing thoughts and hugs. Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. Glad that he is doing well. Curious as to what caused it.


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