Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Second project!

After finishing with the fire extinguisher holders, I decided to make a small shelf with the leftovers from the first project.

I had two "L" brackets, and scraps of wood, and spray paint.  I looked in my scrap pile and found some screen door molding.  I got out my electric brad nailer to fasten the screen door molding to the edge of the shelf. That brad nailer outwitted me several times, making it hard for me to put the nails where I wanted them!

When all was done, the result is a handy small shelf just next to my recliner.
I placed these vitamin bottles on it to photograph for the blog.  They won't be there permanently.
I'm quite relieved to have the project finished and usable.  Now I can put away all my tools!


  1. That is the perfect shelf, just the right size for next to your chair.
    Lynne x

  2. Glad you could use up the odds and ends and make such handy shelves.

    Sending Hugs
    Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. Crikey Hazel .... That's going to be one well used shelf, aye??

  4. You're quite the handy-woman! Glad you didn't let the brad nailer win!

  5. Hi Hazel, I just joined your site after seeing a comment about you on RVSue....I have a couple of questions about traveling in your Class A and pulling a car....1. Do you have gas or diesel. 2. Is it hard getting up the mountains and over the rockies pulling your car.

    I have been looking for a Class A and think I might need a diesel to get over the mountains as I will be spending every winter in Florida and I am worried about pulling my vehicle across the mountains...any helpful suggestions...and is it alright if I write to you now and then with questions from a newbee? Thanks. I hope to follow you regularly as I also will be traveling with 2 dogs, and hopefully I will be adopting an Italian Greyhound to tag along also...

    1. Shirlene, thanks for your questions...I have a gas engine, and I have no difficulty getting up and over any mountains. I think the secret is to not elect the motorhome to go up steep mountainsides at the same peed that you were going on level ground. And I down shift to second gear if the speed gets down to 50 mph, this takes the stress off the engine!

    2. Thanks Hazel, would you have a diesel if you had a choice or is the gaser fine for you. Safe travels to you and your troupe....


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