Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dogs having fun!

During this past week, while I've been volunteering at the headquarters of the New Mexico State parks, I've been camping at the rodeo grounds.  Being a rodeo arena and grounds, I decided to see if the arena area could be made safe for the dogs to run.
I walked the perimeter and closed all the gates, then turned the dogs loose to run! It was great, because there were no goat's head stickers.
I wondered if they would try to get out of the arena between the cables and pipes.
They checked every inch of the barriers!

They never tried to get through the wires and pipes.

At some point, I noticed Hera pick up something and eat it!  I looked closer, and then decided it was fresh horse poop!  I wondered about the "fresh" part of the equation, since I had not noticed anyone using the arena.


  1. Fab area for the dogs. Did they do zoomies?

    Hope you have had a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Mmmm, horse poo. Yum. I, Stella, like to eat it whenever pawsible but mum screams and yells and I have to leave it alone, sigh. Today we received your beautiful pen. Thanks so much mate. You made us smile today :-) Looks like you pups are enjoying that huge enclosure to run around in. Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory


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