Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Saturday, November 17, 2012

FUN for the dogs and owners

Delores with Abby
Dumbledore, Power, and Fleur
This morning, My friend Delores (with her dog Abby), my friend Carol(with her dog Dumbledore), and I(with my two greyhounds) drove a few miles into the desert to a great unoccupied area, to let the dogs have a bit of off leash time to run and play.   Dumbledore is a basset hound who has been best friends with my dogs for years.  Abby is one year old, full of energy and also a good friend of the greyhounds. We parked on the top of a hill so that no matter where the dogs ran we could see them.
Dumbledore and Abby
The dogs know that we have treats in our pockets and a big water bowl at the car so they come back every few minutes for refreshments!


  1. How fun! I hope Power's skin condition gets better soon.

  2. I remember doing the same thing last year - it was so much fun watching the dogs run! Abby is fitting right in. It's amazing how fast Dumbledore can run - it looks like he's keeping up with the greyhounds!

  3. Fun fun!

    Maddie's fleece octopus toy comes from I'm sure its in the tug toy section. :-)

  4. Now I don't think I have to ask who won the running race do I? That is so much fun to be able to sit back and enjoy just watching them run. You have a mixed batch of breeds there, which I am sure keeps it very interesting.


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