Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Sunday, June 23, 2013


One popular activity here at Bluewater Lake State Park is fishing.  Many people bring boats, and many fish from shore.

The vultures and the ravens are very happy fishermen as well.  They do a good job of cleaning up the beach.

Turkey Vulture checking the beach for supper.
A fisherman told me that some years ago the goldfish were released in the lake and they have thrived due to no natural predators.

Goldfish 12 inches long
 He said that the Muskies were introduced to help control the goldfish population.

Tiger Muskie

 This sign is to help people know that any Tiger Muskie caught must be as large as the wooden fish in order to keep it.  All smaller fish must be thrown back in the lake.


  1. Interesting information about the Gold Fish. That one is really big, I wonder how large they get in Bluewater Lake.

  2. Looks like anything as big as that would be a good catch. Are the Muskie's edible? Does anyone eat the Goldfish?

    1. The muskies are edible, but I don't know about the goldfish.

  3. That is one big fish! I've seen goldfish loose in ponds, but not in a lake. I think it would add a sense of magic to find a lake of goldfish!


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