Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A 2 Dog Night?

My greyhounds have decided that they are guard dogs!  We get all settled down for the night and then they hear something.  Power makes his "Squeak"
sound instead of a bark.  They stand up and want outside. 

Last night I let them out and they immediately went after a red fox that was inside our fence!  The fox ran under the motorhome and away, and the dogs watched as they celebrated their conquest of the barbaric intruder.  They strutted around in the yard for a while enjoying their "success"!

They decided that coming back inside would be acceptable because they would ask for a treat to get payment for their hard work.

Fleur is a bit of a bossy personality, and she's been trying to teach Power that her way is the only way!  Power is a very different kind of thinker, and he likes to mull things over for a while, and then maybe he'll do as Fleur demands, and maybe he'll just smile sweetly at her and do his own thing!

About an hour after the fox episode, Power again squeaked and wanted outside, but then I heard "MOO" from right outside my window!

This cow was outside my motorhome, doing her night activities ( whatever they are!)

My dogs were very brave, as long as they knew the cow couldn't get to them!


  1. You know, I think having alert dogs gives us a much greater chance to see things that people without dogs would never see. A lot of my experiences and photos are due to Katie barking at something she sees or hears - then I grab the camera. I'd LOVE to have a MOOOO outside my window in the middle of the night. Lucky you!

  2. Glad your two are protecting you:)

  3. That is a lot of "wildlife" outside your RV. Glad you have Power & Fleur there to help out.

  4. Your site is much more exciting than ours. We only have cats and ducks. LOL

  5. My two IG's are definitely guard dogs.

    Vito gives out a loud bark for such a small dog but Valentino has to lead up to a full bark.

    Have you have ever watched Scooby Doo, he sounds exactly that same. A ruuu, a ruuu, a ruuu and then this loud bark comes forth. It is so funny to watch.

    But by far, the best guard service I have is Louie the cockatiel. He will squawk as soon as he hears a car in the drive or anyone walking up to the door. He will not stop until I go to him and tell him it is okay.

  6. Ha ha ha! I could see something like that happening here!


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