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Beautiful sights
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Sunday, May 4, 2014


If you are a gadget lover, I want to warn you not to buy the tag clip seen in this photo.  

I saw these on, they are called Tagnabbit.  They have a swivel between the smaller loop and the larger loop.  I didn't realize that the metal they were made from was apparently "pot" metal, because they fell apart in less than 2 weeks!  I lost all my dogs tags, and am having to go to the effort of repurchasing the tags.
The greyhound tags are not costly, but just getting the adoption group to answer their email and/or phone messages has been problematic.

So, my warning is "Do not trust TAGNABBIT!


  1. Yikes! Thanks for the warning. I hope your adoption group responds soon.

    1. So far I have not heard back from them.

  2. What a pain to lose all their tags. I hope you put a negative review on the website. I would also contact them and let them know, and insist on a refund! :(

  3. Hope you get the tags sorted.

    I'd definitely get in touch with the seller, as Me and My Dog has suggested. Even with a full refund, I'd still leave a review saying how rubbish the item was...after you get your refund:)

  4. I thought I posted here yesterday. I definitely typed a comment. Oh well.

    Hope you get the tags sorted.

    I'd definitely complain to the seller. I'd ask for your money back and then when you have it I'd leave Feedback.

  5. How aggravating! I hope you get the new tags soon. And thanks for the warning!


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