Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hera is a flirt!

Hera is a very loving girl!

When we have a visitor whom she likes, she really works to get them to love on her!

This lady is my neighbor, Sue!  She is a dog lover and Hera makes the most of her visit!


  1. Well it's obvious Hera is so neglected by you, she has to latch on to any loving she can get:) It's so nice when they want to snuggle.

    Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. I know how that is! Bunny and Flattery can both be very flirtatious at times, and Küster turns on the charm like nobody's business!

  3. Crikey .... I don't blame her. Your neighbour, Sue, looks like a real nice lady. I'd like to get some of that lovin' too. Hera sure looks happy, aye??

  4. Aww, Hera is a very good hostess, cuddling up with your guests. Bet they must love that!
    Lynne x


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