Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Life line screening

Last week I had an email from high school alums who were telling about the death from stroke of one of our high school grads from 1964.  In the email, they were recommending that we all take good care of ourselfed and get screened for illness, and they mentioned Life Line Screening. 

I had not heard an ad for Life Line Screening for years so had forgot all about it. However, after this reminder I googled it and found it was coming to a nearby town the next week.  So I signed up. 

I spent a couple of hours in the church social hall where they were installed to do the screening.

I was quite surprised by how organized they were to do the various jobs.  They called two days ahead to ask if I needed help getting there, or had any questions. They reminded me not to eat  for 4 hours prior to my ultrasounds.  Also I was to not eat or drink for 8 hours prior to the blood work.

They emailed me three times to remind me, and when I went, I used Google Maps to find my way.  

I sure am glad that I used Maps because the location was completely foreign to me and I would have NEVER found it on my own.  I am also glad that I allowed extra time to get there because the traffic was terrible in Quartzsite and all the way north to Parker.

If you've never been to Quartzsite in Late January, the RV show is the cause of the heavy traffic.  For those of us who have been here multiple winters, we consider the heavy traffic to be a laughing matter during this time and then it's easier to tolerate it when we need to travel throughout the area.


  1. Hope your tests all come back ok. We have something similar here in the UK. A company goes round various places and you can pay to have various tests done.

    Hope you have had a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. That is a very good idea, hope all your tests are fine.
    Lynne x

  3. Crikey ..... what a good idea. Hope all is well with you. Do let us know, aye??

  4. I am glad you found your way there and that everything went okay! :)


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