Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Quartzsite Miracle

As you know, I have had a lot of difficulty in training Hera in certain acts.  She is a very smart girl and a very sweet girl, but her language is different from mine.  

I didn't need anyone to teach me how to do this!

One thing that I was determined to teach was her getting into the car with being lifted.

I tried waiting by the back door and letting her stand there for a long time thinking that she would make up her mind to jump inside.  She never budged.

I had tried standing behind her and pushing on her hind quarters.  She never budged.

I tried letting Power get in the car first to show her how to do it.  She never budged.

I tried lifting her front legs to the car seat thinking she would leap up on her own.  .She never budged.

I tried saying commands like "inside".  She never budged.

I tried the command "jump".  She never budged.

I tried standing on the front driver's seat on my knees and holding her leash and pulling her upwards.  She made no effort, but would eventually get herself into the car by my efforts.

I tried tying a piece of rope to the passenger side for handle, and crossing it over to Hera's leash.  Then I tried to stand behind her and pull on the rope which would then pull Hera's collar to urge her inside the car.  She never budged.

I put on my detective hat and reviewed all the efforts that I had made, and realized that the only one which had worked at all was me pulling on her leash from over the back of the driver's seat.  Though I had had some minimal success with this method, it too had drawbacks.  For instance it was difficult to keep her by the back door, while I walked to the driver's seat (holding her leash in my hand), then transferring the leash over the back of the driver's seat.

My detective hat thinking told me that I needed to be in front of Hera in order to get her to enter the car, and that I had to improve the method.

I decided to try the rope again, and to kneel on the front seat while using the rope.  So I tied the rope to the leash, and walked to the driver's seat, but the knot came loose when I put tension on the rope.

Next I tied a double knot, and it stayed tied, but when I pulled on it, Hera acted like she didn't know what to do with her hind feet.  So I took her back to the motorhome, while I thought of other ideas.

My next try was slightly different.  I did all the same things, but when she put her front feet on the car seat, I kept slight tension on the leash to signal her that she needed to keep moving.  She fumbled a little bit but was successful!

The third attempt with this method, she came on up into the car with almost no hesitation.  I think she's got it!

I always knew how, but liked watching you figure it out!


  1. Hazel, Did you realise all the time this was going on, Power was filming it and it's now on YouTube:) LOL

    Glad Hera worked it out:) My two both want in the car first and Honey definitely wants out before I've undone the safety strap, so nearly throttles herself.

    Hope you have a lovely evening. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Crikey ..... I'd have dangled a T-Bone steak in front of her nose.


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