Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Friday, July 4, 2014

Preparation for Holiday weekend

This very busy park is getting ready for the Independence Day weekend, so one job has been to make many, many copies of maps, boating regulations, etc for the entrance gate to use. 

 Our copy machine broke down months ago, and it is old enough that it cannot be fixed, so we have been resorting to the fax machine to make our copies.  Usually we would need about 40 copies for a weekend, but to start out I have made 150 copies of  EACH item that we use.  

The fax machine heats up when we use it so we have to let it cool after 25 copies or the next copies are bad!  

Also, the supply box needs lots of scotch type tape, and permanent markers, cash register paper,  storage bags for money when the cash register is overloaded, etc.

No matter how often we say "no fireworks" people still try to sneak and shoot them!
We are under fire restrictions all over New Mexico, therefore no fireworks are allowed!

During all weekends and holiday periods, the entrance gate is manned by volunteers, in order to help the public be "honest" and pay the $5 entrance fee!

Many people will camp right on the beach
The beach area is popular for primitive camping and will be covered all through the weekend.

Happy Independence Day weekend, everyone!


  1. I hope everyone at the park has a lovely weekend. Also hope no one let's off any fireworks.

    1. So far only one fire, and the fire got away and we had trouble for a brief time!

  2. Watching the occasional bird "behaving badly" surely helps me better understand human behavior. Stay safe!

  3. I hope that it mostly goes smoothly and without problems!


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