Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amongst the beauty...

The beauty in life is often overwhelming, but that is only one aspect of it.  On a walk yesterday, I found evidence of another part of nature.  Before I knew it these "goathead" stickers were in the dog's feet.  After I got the dogs' feet cleared, we started on, but I began to hear a "crunch" as I walked.  I lifted one foot and was astonished to find these in my shoes!

My Crocs

Goat heads in the shoe soles
When I  had finished with these extractions, my fingers were like pincushions, but I didn't have any tools on my walk, and didn't want to walk home in my shoes (carrying the enemy to my campsite).


  1. Sorry to be thick, but what are Goat Heads? Are they thorns of some kind?

    1. Sorry, Sue. Yes they are thorns.

  2. Mother Nature surely has a way of reminding us that she isn't Santa Claus! Hope paws, feet and hands are OK.

  3. There are some areas in that park that are awful! I never see the goat head stickers until we're already in them. It's like walking on thumbtacks. When Katie gets one stuck in her paw, she immediately stops walking and holds up her foot for me to take the sticker off. Poor baby.

    When I walk in places like that, it feels like I have cleats on my shoes. I always take off my shoes at the door and bring them to the sink, where I pull them out with tweezers. :(

  4. I don't think we have these in New Zealand (and thank goodness going on the looks of them) but they remind me of a thorn in Australia we called a three cornered jack. Nasty things, I hate to think what Beryl would do if she got something like that in her foot!


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