Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Tripod wannabe?

Since Fleur has been limping along on her sore feet, I have noticed that she stands a bit like a Tripod.  Her right front foot is barely touching the ground, the right hind leg is held forward of normal, and both left legs are sprawled out to the side,  a bit more than normal.

Fleur was a nervous wreck at the vet, and the vet is a sweet, gentle fellow who was very good with her.  She didn't care about that.  She just wanted out of there!

Power was just the opposite:  He said "can you please give me a biscuit?  I can show you where they are!  They're right here, on the counter next to that nice lady!   Mom!  Here are the biscuits!"

The vet said that Fleur's injuries were too moist and that because of that moistness, that I should not keep any dressings on the feet, but leave them open to the air, but keep them clean and when she goes outside she must have a plastic bag over each injured foot.  All of this is very logical, and not very easy to accomplish!  But we will manage it somehow!

Blurry photo of rt hind foot part of injury
When we got out to the car, Fleur got in the back seat and went to work licking and chewing, and about went crazy for a while.  She was just so very high strung about it!  I went directly to a store and bought 6 pairs of cotton socks to use as breathable covers for the nighttime and any other times when she is not able to leave the feet alone to heal.  I was really worried that we wouldn't make it home without the injuries being reopened.

So, now we are home, and this is how they are doing:

Exhaustion rules

No one will play with me!
So, All is well!


  1. Geez, still no idea how all this happened? It seems like this is going to be a long haul for Fleur. It will be hard to keep her from licking it - but maybe that won't hurt the injuries. At least she'll keep it clean. We'll keep our fingers crossed for fast healing. They both look pooped. :)

  2. Hope Fleur's wounds soon heal up. Can you muzzle her? Do you know how she did it?

  3. Hope it heals up quickly. Stella says being a tripod is not all that much fun.

  4. Leave those paws alone, Fleur. We want you back to 100%.


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