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Beautiful sights
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Retirees and non retirees all

I saw an add on TV the other day, about getting money for shopping.  I decided to look it up on the internet, and decided to sign up for this program:

This interested me as a greyhound mom, a cat mom, an RVer, and a retiree. 
1: I have found that since I move around at regular intervals, that I do a fair amount of online shopping.
2: I have 2 greyhounds, and seem to feel that greyhound specific collars, coats, etc are more to my liking than generic stuff listed as large dog coats and collars.
3: I live in an RV and supplies for RV's can be a specialty item, and therefore are mail ordered.
4:I am retired, and as with all retirees, I find that my retirement income is only adequate if one doesn't have too much unexpected expenses.
5:Unexpected expenses are to be expected!

I hope that by talking about this in my blog, that some of the readers will check it out and will find it useful for them as well.

I wish some of you would tell be how you've coped with price increases, and also income in retirement .


  1. I had a look, but no good to me as I am in the UK. Hope loads take up the offer though.

  2. Coping with expenses: Volunteer more, travel less, spend the winter in Texas. Gas and food prices are more reasonable here. :)

    1. I completely agree, and have been doing so ( but for other reasons, such as liking to be helpful) New Mexico is not terribly expensive, however my veterinary bills have been a bit alarming both last summer and this, but I know we will get along fine, and as Winston Churchill said"Keep calm and carry on."

  3. Yes, and thanks to your telling me about this, I've made a little money in a rebate from e-bates in my last few orders. You might add to this post about the E button that stays on the top of my pages. I often forget about e-bates until I see and click on that button - and activate the rebate - that's what got me my money back.

    Also, anyone signing up because of you should give you the referral credit - when I did that I got a referral credit, as well as you getting one.

    It's definitely a program I'll keep using. Just like clicking on bloggers' links to get them a little extra money, this will get the buyer some. Not much, but it adds up. You just have to REMEMBER to do it!!! :)


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