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Beautiful sights
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

RV Slideouts, are they just slideouts?

Slideouts are a great addition to RV's.  They increase the inside square footage without making one purchase a larger RV.

My RV has 2 slideouts, and so far the only problem I've had with them is the occasional error in which I forget to move the driver's seat forward when I close the slideout.  The slideout meets resistance, bends the chair and then the slideout stops due to the resistance.  Chair repair has been relatively easy.

My neighbor has a large slideout and today she couldn't get the slideout in, and later couldn't get it out.  She asked for help.  The first instance was the low battery (turning on her generator took care of it).  The second instance was due to her forgetting that the slideout locks had to be released.  When she got back from town, she tried to open the slide, but forgot the two locks had to be released.  She asked for assistance and it took me a while to figure it out since I'm not used to the slides having locks.  It seemed that she was having a day of slight memory loss...she'd forgot how to start her generator, then forgot she had slide locks.  A few minutes later after each episode, she remembered what was going on and I felt that she was okay to be on her own.

One of my other neighbors decided to advise her to hang up her keys. She told her that her memory was not reliable enough to be safe on the road and driving.  I felt so bad for the whole situation.  I hate to think of anyone having to quit while they are still able to take care of themselves.  My elderly friend is quite able to care for herself with occasional small amounts of help.
Delores and her dog Abby
She goes for a half mile walk each morning and each evening walking herself and her dog. She cooks for herself each day, and takes care of her RV herself.
Delores is an ex-marine, and a very smart lady, and also a full time RVer since 1986.  She is a single lady, and also has no children, so to age doesn't mean going to live with your family(in her case).

My question is, is a slideout problem just an incident or is it an indicator that it is time to hang up the keys?

When my Dad was still alive I  was able to help him keep going till he was 94.  
Each year he needed more and more help and eventually did not drive or cook.
He still enjoyed life though, and died on the road RVing with the family (me and my 4 pets).


  1. It sounds like maybe memory loss is starting to be a problem for Delores. Hopefully it was just a bad day, we all have those, even young people, but she might have some hard decisions to make in the near future. Bless her heart. :)

  2. Isn't it funny how if you're young and forget something it's nothing and if you're old and forget something it's time to hang it up for life. Hopefully your friend will know when it's time to quit and she'll have some trusted friends who can give her good advice that she knows is truthful. Delores seems like a great person and I hope she has many more years of happy RVing ahead.

  3. Maybe the kind thing would be to make her some bright notes to place on the locks for the slideout and generator. I know I have myself forgotten to start the generator while raising the bunks in the rear of our toyhauler. We all get frustrated and forget things at one time or another no matter our age.


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