Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Chair Repair

A chair from a garage sale cost $5.00, but had a broken leg attachment.  Carol arrived with the chair and a pop rivet kit.  Neither of us knew how to use the rivets but we found out that the rivets were not long enough for this job.  Looking through the junk drawer we found a 3 inch bolt, a lock washer, and a nut.
rubber tip covers new bolt end
Then a drill and bit to drill the hole in the leg of the chair large enough for the bolt..  We are so fortunate that we have solar systems and inverters.  Our electric drills work fine on the inverter so we soon had the drilling done.  The bolt was inserted and the lock washer and nut inserted.  Then out came the Dremel to use the cutting disks to cut the extra length of the bolt off shorter.  Three cutting disks later we had the bolt shortened, the sanding disc smoothed the edges, and we were done except for the cleanup.  To do this small fun project we had opened 4 storage compartments in my basement, got out drill, dremel, screws, storage boxes, extension cord, connections, drill bit, pliers, etc.  The cleanup was as much work as the repair!
repaired chair

We had fun and enjoyed the challenge!


  1. Makes you feel so proud doesn't it to figure something out and accomplish it. Very frugal too, to repair and not throw away.


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