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Beautiful sights
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Awning trouble

2-3 years ago I spent $2600 to get the very best awning on the market.  I got a Carefree of Colorado through ShadePro.  The awning was electric and also had a wind sensor and automatic retracting feature if the the wind gets high.  I've never had a minute's problem with it until today.

I ordered a sun shade which hangs down from the awning tube and gives more shade under the awning.  I and a neighbor installed it, and it never entered my mind to check the electric function afterwards.  But this morning my mind said "make sure it is working with that sunshade on it".  I tried to get it to retract but nothing happened.  I read the owner's manual and then called the company(Shade Pro) to ask for repair.  They said the repair guy (Ron) was not going to be available till the next day late in the afternoon.  I worried (out loud) that if the wind came up and ruined my awning, I was going to be very angry that it was destroyed while I was waiting for repair.

Ron called me about dark today and asked me what the awning was doing and said that he thought the motor had gone bad.  He said that the company had been having problems with the gears or something like that and that they were putting something made from a better metal in the repaired ones.  He said if I got a rebuilt on it would be $255 and if I got a new on it would be $350.. He is getting it sent in on the night truck and will be at my place tomorrow between 3 and 5 pm.  He said if the motor is not bad he of course will not put a new one in and I would not be paying for it if I don't need it.

I was thinking that I should not have to pay for it at all since they know they have defective metal in the installed ones.

All this was for naught, after all because when the repairman came, he said that the motor was not damaged, but that it was just not powerful enough to lift the weight of the sunshade and the awning.  So the solution was to remove and return the sunshade, and now the awning works just fine.

My worry was wasted energy!  Again!


  1. This is good to know for people who have an automatic awning - no sunshades! I'm glad the motor wasn't the issue, I know you love your automatic awning. :)

  2. Glad you didn't have to put more money into it. I had to laugh when the guy told you about their problem and then offered to charge you $300 to fix it (ha). Makes you wonder.


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