Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Destructive nature in a greyhound?!

I posted about the non destructive nature of greyhounds recently.
I now realize that our "kids" love to prove us wrong in life!  Last evening I was watching TV, and Fleur and Power were relaxing in the living room.  I heard chewing sounds but that didn't bother me because I knew I had put chewy toys down for them a bit earlier.  When I glanced down at one point and saw that Power had chewed off one complete side of his food bowl. 

 The food bowl was made of collapsible silicone, and I liked it for the small size it was when collapsed.  Now of course it will require even less room to store since Power polished his fangs on it!   His teeth are beautiful white color and strong.  He did a great job of using the food bowl to relieve his chewing need.  I have a stainless steel bowl in my kitchen which will now be Power's food bowl.  I hope he doesn't chew up the stainless bowl!


  1. Well, that little munchkin! It's hard to remember he IS still a puppy, I guess he still has some puppy mischief in him.

    Merry Christmas, Hazel! And Fleur and Power, too. :)

  2. Most greyhounds are nondestructive but they still surprise you. Echo when she was young would eat any and all powercords to cellphones/GPS Garmins. I bought a plastic box and put it in the car to house extra cords. That is until she got into the plastic box.
    Luckily she has outgrown that behavior.

  3. I guess he didn't like that shade of blue :)


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