Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Mother's Day gifts

Today, I had two was a visit from a friend, Andrea Eagles, who I met last year here at Bluewater State Park.  She lives in a Lazedays motorhome full-time and is towing a Honda Fit behind it.  We had a nice visit.

My next gift was a big surprise...I went home from work at 4 pm and found that Power's right hind leg had two big lacerations on it!  I could hardy believe it!  I called my vet's emergency phone number and he said to bring him in and he would operate immediately.  It's about 40 minutes to his office and he was ready for us.  I wanted to wait, but he told be to pick him up tomorrow.  I meant to take a photo of the injuries for the blog, but was nervous and forgot.

As you remember, I took my dogs to work last year but this year they aren't allowing it, so now I am a bit worried about Power's safety and care while healing, and afterwards.  I really am not sure how this happened while he was resting in the motorhome  and I was at work.  I guess I will figure it out as I go.


  1. Oh no ...... poor Power!!!! I hope he's alright. What a shame he can't go to work with you. Maybe when they know he's been hurt they would allow it just until you are sure he is ok. No harm in asking, aye??

  2. Poor Power. Hope he heals up quickly. Also hope you find what did it.

    Maybe under the circumstances they'd allow you to take them to work until Power is ok to be left.

    Sending positive healing thoughts and hugs. Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. Well the second was not a nice Mother's Day gift at all! Hope Power's leg heals nicely & that your back starts feeling better soon!

  4. I hope he is feeling better. We now have more experience than we'd like with skin tears on Bettina. It literally could have happened anywhere in the RV. Or someone stepped on someone wrong. I jokingly made Bettina a coat out of bubble wrap after her 3rd skin tear. But I suspect even that would not prevent her from somehow wounding herself in the future.

  5. oh nooo.... here is hoping that Power heals quickly and mama can rest!

  6. I'm sure I read this yesterday and left a comment. Oh well.

    Hope Power is soon fully healed up. Hope you find out what caused it.

    Wouldn't they let you take the dogs with you until Power is ok to be left?

    Sending positive healing thoughts to Power and hugs to you all. Sue, Polly & Honey


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