Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Learning is all about the new greyhound...

                                              When I spoke to the adoption folks, they said "don't worry, Power will show her!"  So I have been inventive and patient, but winter is coming on quickly, and having to leave the door on for half an hour to get Hera out the door of the motorhome is shivery!  Then to get her back in, the door has to be held open so the wind won't  grab the door and cause it to hit her.  But I also have to be inside the motorhome to be able to hold a treat to attempt her inside.  My "third" hand has to hold Power back so he doesn't steal the treat meant for Hera.  This takes as long as one half hour, so I'm freezing again!


  1. Try a bit of cheese. I'm sure if you can hold Power and put a bit of cheese on the top step, Hera will go in and you can be standing by the door to make sure it doesn't blow onto her. After a while she'll be happy to go in.

    Also what about putting a lead on her so you can just lead her back in.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend. Sue & Polly

    1. The cheese is a good idea and I am doing that, but wish the door would stay open by itself. I have to put a leash on it!

  2. Might be worth seeing if a garage could put a hook and eye so you can latch it back.

    Hope you have a good day. Sue & Polly

  3. I've seen people with bungee cords holding their doors open. (You know how I love velcro and bungee cords!) I was wondering if you could put Power inside - behind the bedroom or bathroom door before you bring Hera in - or tie him off outside away from the door, and let him come in after her. Then you could work with Hera alone. She'll get it, and you have a lot of patience, so it will happen soon. :)

  4. Have you tried a little clicker training with her? Once she associates that sound with a reward, she might get more motivated. I'd also think about getting something really high value for her as a treat that she only gets when she comes inside for you. I once used liverwurst with one of mine because the strong odor helped him identify it.


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