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Beautiful sights
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Strike Force Hero

I contacted my adoption agency yesterday to let them know about Fleur, and while they were commiserating with me about Fleur, I asked them to be on the lookout for a greyhound which had the wonderful characteristics of Power.  Monica said that she was fostering a wonderful female named Strike Force Hero!  This female is red fawn, and 3 years old, is cat safe, and likes people!  Monica says that she's a quiet lady and very sweet.  Monica says that she has a foster mom coming my way this weekend to visit her daughter in Albuquerque, and is willing to transport this female so that I can keep her for the weekend to see if she is compatible with my family.  (This seems like it is meant to be!)  The distance to the adoption agency would be 450 miles, but lo and behold, there is an adoption
foster mother coming right by my doorstep!

I am going through so many emotions right now, and am wondering if it's fair to my memories of Fleur to even allow this greyhound to come visit and/or possibly stay in our home!  After all, I cannot talk about Fleur with out tears, and Power hash't eaten since Fleur died!  I haven't washed the blanket that I carried Fleur on (She eliminated on it).  I haven't finished cleaning up the little bit of fecal stain on the door frame of my car, and I haven't washed the blanket that she laid on in my work office at the state park!

It's a slow process trying to get through the death of Fleur, and I know that I'm probably rushing to get another greyhound to have something new and fresh to concentrate on rather than going through the very empty feeling that is all I can feel when I am thinking about not having her to rub on the head when she puts her head in my lap, or looking on the sofa to see if she is taking up more than her half of the sofa.  Or, wondering if she is stealing Power's food again!  Or scolding her for growling at the cat, Chica!  Today, I waited for her to jump down out of the car, after Power jumped down, and how shocked I was to realize that she wasn't there to come out of the car!

So, regardless of all my moroseness and grief this dog needs  home, and so tomorrow the lady will drop her off for the weekend!

Pictures coming tomorrow!


  1. Oh, I think you will be up for this wonderful new dog if its meant to be. So far it looks that way, but mind your broken heart and don't overlook something obvious! Ya still have your other fur pals to consider. Hope this brings great joy to your life!

    Wishing the Best for all of you


    1. Thanks for the support and advice, Maura!

  2. (((Hazel))) It takes time, but if you can give another dog a home you are actually saving two, the one you take and the one that can take the space at the rescue kennels.

    There's no better way of honouring Fleur than to give a loving home to another deserving dog.

    I hope all goes well with the new girl and you get to keep her.

  3. So very sorry for your loss. So enjoyed reading about Fleur over the years.. You make a wonderful home for your fur friends!!

  4. I felt like I was betraying Jack when I adopted Joey, but we needed another boy in our house. It was so lonely without one. If Power is happy with her, than she is the one. Fleur may be sending her to you since it is all falling together so nicely. Can't wait to see the photos and hear all about her.

  5. I don't think it is unfair to Fleur's memory in any way to bring in another dog right now. She was adopted, and I'm sure she'd be happy that another pup is getting the same chance she did. And it sounds like Power needs a sister in his life. Looking forward to hearing more about the new girl.

  6. It sounds like you have such a heart for the dogs that providing a loving home for a new one
    would be very natural. I'm hoping it will be a good fit, if not immediately, soon.
    Bless you for all your efforts and love for the Grayhounds!

  7. Well, I'm late to the party and I know that she did come to your house, but I just wanted to say that I am very familiar with a lot of those emotions. There are still days that I miss Blueberry, but I am so happy that we brought Flattery home, and honestly, I think Blue would like that we did. Of all the dogs we've had, Blue was the one who most wanted us to be happy and laughing. She would hate that we were sad and shedding tears over her. Nothing upset her more than our unhappiness. I think that Fleur would want you and Power to be happy and if she can't be there with you, she would want another Greyhound to have a wonderful life like she did.


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