Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Monday, June 9, 2014

The mind of the BOSS

Chica is a female cat who knows very well that she is in charge, but bosses the entire household with the most gentle voice and manner.
Chica, checking to make sure her orders are being followed
She is very aware of the way to get the whole household running her way. She often sits in the hallway, watching and plotting the next moves.  She knows exactly where she wants each member of the family.
I may look asleep, but I'm plotting

Her ideas are the sort that would cause her Mom to get up and walk towards the kitchen, thus seeing Chica waiting, whereupon Chica turns and quickly trots toward her food bowl, knowing that the flirtatious tail flip and trot gets her way.  

After Chica supervises the scooping of the cat food, and gets it poured into her food bowl, she doesn't want to eat it at that moment.  Her master plan has many parts, her food bowl being but the first.

The second is usually involving Fleur.  Chica sits in the Kitchen floor and stares at Fleur, which will wake Fleur from a deep sleep.  For a while Fleur will pretend that she does not notice Chica's stare. 
I don't feel it

However, after a few minutes the stare can no longer be avoided.  Her head comes up, her eyes get wide, and she homes in on Chica's eyes.  Chica will continue to stare until she gets a reaction from Fleur.  When Fleur succumbs to the pressure of the stare, she will WOOF which then earns her a "s-s-s-h" from me. 
She made me do it, Mom

Fleur then looks sorry and chastised, which is what Chica wants ( she is laughing her head off)!

Regarding her grand plan for Power, it is totally different than her plan for Fleur.  Chica wants Power for loving.  She wants a sweet and loving relationship with Power, and she enables this reaction by weaving herself among the long skinny legs and tail of Power.  Power has learned to welcome this and when he enters the motorhome, he stands still in the entryway and waits for Chica to do her weaving magic. 
Rub right there, Chica!

When it is time to move the motorhome down the road, Power gets on the sofa, Chica jumps up next to his head and reassures him that he will be okay, even though the "house" is moving.  It's a thing of beauty!  Next, Fleur gets on the sofa with them but on the other end.
All three are on the sofa!

After everyone is in their places, Chica then gets on Mom's lap and settles into her sphinx pose where she the exudes her power and tells everyone that all is well! 


  1. Sounds like Chica knows how to run a smooth operation.

  2. What a perfectly innocent looking little instigator! Good thing she's such a cutie!

  3. Chica has hidden powers that's for sure:)

    Had to smile at her loving Power:)

    Hope you are having a good week.

  4. Ha ha ha! What a character! This sounds a lot like our first Greyhound, Treat. If she wanted out, she went and got Hawk to do her bidding for her. It always cracked me up!


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