Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

ID tags both lost and new

Several weeks ago, I blogged about a loss of id tags from both my greyhounds' collars.
These are the faulty tag holders which caused this situation.
 In the post I noted that I had asked the greyhound agencies for new tags for each of my hounds.  I did this by email, and never heard back from them.

Two weeks ago I got up my nerve and telephoned the adoption group that Power came from. The group is the Greyhounds of Verde Valley in Cottonwood, AZ I spoke to the nice lady I had dealt with when I adopted Power.  She was so very pleasant and also offered to send a tag for each of my hounds, and she put them in the mail that very day!

Tags don't have enough bling on them to show off my beauty!

So, now my hounds have correct tags, and one of them is not having to wear the tag from Chica the cat!

Oh, Mom, you know I don't mind wearing my girlfriend's tags!


  1. Glad both Power and Fleur are now identifiable:)

  2. I'm glad they're both covered now! Our adoption group was nice enough to give us tags for Blueberry when the group we adopted her from became defunct. I love a group that is in it for the hounds!


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