Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Friday, April 25, 2014


Fleur with her Navy Seal elbow

Fleur is an intense girl. Much of the time, she cannot just relax, she thinks she has to MAKE things happen the way she intends.  She lies on the sofa, but instead of relaxing, she first raises her head to stare intently at me.  After a while of staring, she begins the "Fleur whine".  This part makes me crazy, but I think that if I ignore her, she won't be rewarded, so she will stop.  This, however, is futile.

The whine can be done ad infinitum, nearly driving me really nuts, and finally getting on my last nerve.

She progresses to the elbow lean.  The elbow that she leans on (to give herself a way to get her neck, head, and chest over the edge of the sofa) should get tired of supporting so much of her weight for so long.  But apparently she has a Navy Seal elbow, because she can lean on it for hours with no relief.  All this time, the stare and the whine are still in full play.

Eventually, she scoots her upper body so far over the edge of the sofa, that her right front leg will then be put on the floor to support some of the weight. But please note that the Navy Seal elbow is still doing the major part of the work.  The stare and the whine are still in big evidence!

I have tried talking to her, and asking her to do other things, or giving her something specific to do.  She is glad to comply with all requests, but the "Fleur whine and Navy Seal elbow are never put to pasture.  She presses the "PAUSE" button and after her requested chore is done, she resumes the previous serious activity!

I think I should have named her "Intense" instead of Fleur! 


  1. Polly does the whine usually first thing in the morning when she wants me up to take her a walk. the lighter the morning, the earlier she'll start whining. Like You I have tried to ignore her, but the whine get's louder and then a bark is not far away. Don't think my neighbours want to be woken at sill o'clock:)

    1. Fleur never barks after whining, and I thank God for that! She does ramp up the volume, though.
      This almost always happens when I am sitting in my chair, and quilting, reading, blogging, or tv watching!

  2. Luci whines too!! gets on my LAST nerve! WHAT do they want???


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