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Beautiful sights
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Coat for Power

I've been relearning to crochet and knit, and I downloaded an easy pattern for a crocheted coat for a greyhound.

This pattern was from Bernat, and was a free pattern.  I had a very hard time understanding what it was telling me to do, and I stopped after a few days of "mystery needlework".

So I decided to search further and found a website on ETSY which has lovely greyhound patterns!  I chose this one:


A Dog Sweater Pattern for Crochet
Photo of finished  sweater on the Etsy website.

I decided to use a different pattern, this one a purchased pattern in Etsy.  This pattern I found much easier to understand, and happily crocheted away for a week!  I used teal colored yarn and thought I had plenty, but ran out and after a week finally found a Walmart that had a skein of the same color.

See how much butt is showing when the sweater is on Power!

After I got it about 90% done, I looked at it really well but realized that I had made one side to face the opposite way from the other side!  I was a bit dismayed to realize that my hard work had to be redone, at least half of it.
I pulled the yarn out and rolled it into a ball, and started the bad side of the sweater again, but was soon having problems again.  I had a suggestion from a friend about fixing it without a pattern, and finally decided to do it that way.  I " mixed and matched" the crocheted stitches to get the look like the first (correct) side,  and was finally able to go on to the neckline ribbing. 

You can see the difference in the crocheting halfway up on the body, and the multicolored ribbing!

If you look closely, you can see the crazy crochet stitches I put in to make the sweater go around the chest.

See the multicolored trim around the edges of the sweater, and lots of Power's butt showing!
I think I have to redo the whole thing???

As I get it unraveled, and recrocheted, I will give you progress reports!


  1. I think it's lovely, and it's certainly better than my humans could do! I am looking forward to seeing it all done. You'll have to have a fashion show for us!


  2. Oh, Hazel, what a bummer. You've got so much work in it already. I think it looks fine, but should it be longer? Katie's "pink bomber jacket" is short like that, and I think she would be warmer if it were a bit longer and covered her butt. Power is a very handsome model! :)

  3. Looks like that will keep you out of mischief:)

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    Sue & Polly


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